Poetry and Short Stories

Young Souls, Wakeup

In a contemplative mood
My mind flew
To some unknown strata of cerebral hemisphere
Tapping the brains
Trying to peel off the hidden layers
A new picture divulged

A soul sublimed in insanity of the fumes inhaled
Defining a new realm of motion
In the dreadful thump
Devils dancing in the hell
Celebrating the victory
‘ Yes! ! ! ! One more life
Searching for rapturous delight
Came to the web
We waited for so long
interlacing the folk
For the puerile teens
Like a spider weaving the web and waiting for the prey’

Yet another victory for the satanic powers
Why u fools lay your heads, comply your life
To the disaster for nothing but momentary pleasure

Disgusted with the recurring follies
I pray to the youth
Wake up! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
To see the truth
To perceive the danger
To procure the freedom
Act for your future
Wake up
Wake up

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