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If they can celebrate Christian Grey, why not Kabir Singh?

A lot of ruckus has been created in social media about the misogyny of the movie Kabir Singh. While we don’t advocate violence in any relationship, we have to admit that in most relations partners tend to be aggressive with each other when angry. The beginning half an hour of the movie is difficult to digest for any self respecting woman. I agree, but is this the first movie like this

1. Rowdy Rathore
Akshay Kumar staring at the navel of the heroine doesn’t look misogynistic or what.

2. Gully boy
Alia didn’t care if Ranveer lied with Kalki but she was so sex deprived that she just wanted to make love to him. Let fidelity go to hell! This is the same girl who smashed a beer bottle on the head of another girl just because she was trying to be close to her boyfriend. Well that wasn’t violence it seems.

3. Judwa
Well, it’s not possible to point out a single scene as ninety percent of the movie was misogynistic. This is the remake I’m talking about. Not the nineties movie.

4. Badlapur
Varun Dhawan banging a woman forcefully in the name of ‘Badla’. Well, she is a prostitute. What self respect does she have? Isn’t that so?

5. Dabangg
Salaman Khan is head over heels in love with his wife. But that doesn’t justify his dialogue ” Pyar se de rahe Hain, varna thapad marke bhi de sakta Hoon” . Not giving a thappad was a favour! So much for love.

6. Happy New year
How shah rukh Khan’s character treats Deepika’s character!

These are a few names. 90 percentage of the Bollywood movies are indeed mysogynistic. Arrogant heroine falling in love with the hero after being slapped by him was a formula that was overused to the peak. Leave the old movies even now there are sexist jokes that have been laughed upon; Rape jokes that have been ignored. And why this hullabaloo about Kabir Singh.

When people can celebrate Christian Grey, why not Kabir Singh or Arjun Reddy? Because according to me Christian Grey is the most regressive, misogynistic and sexist character I have come across till date.

So this is not about sexism or misogyny. It is pure discrimination. If Kabir Singh’s character misleads the youth, so do other movies. Gully boy will make the girls break bottles on each other. Isn’t that so?

When will the so called media and foolish laymen who follow them start calling out the big star movies for sexism, racism, nepotism and narcissism.

When Salman Khan dances to “Baby ko base pasand Hain” why do we dance with the tunes instead of calling out the extremely sexist song.

Recently I heard a song Psycho Sayyan. SERIOUSLY! A SONG ON PSYCHOLOGICAL ISSUES and nobody protested. Wow!

8 thoughts on “If they can celebrate Christian Grey, why not Kabir Singh?”

  1. Bollywood actually leaves many such wrong concepts and teachings which are harmful for the society, good to read that you have pointed out so many such wrong messages…totally agree with your views, very strong and potential write up.


  2. I agree totally! I also think that a movie should do what it is supposed to do, entertain. People must stop creating unnecessary messages through the medium of films, unless they are a 100% sure of what they are creating.

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  3. I have not seen Kabir Khan. So I cannot comment about the movie. In general I don’t like to watch dark characters. May be acting and portrayal was so good that Kabir Khan caught attention of critics. Many a time, our personal likes and dislikes come into play when we criticise a movie. May be something sticks out. Movie is about showing a character and the society. Character can be dark or sweet. We have the choice to watch a movie or not. By the way another movie of Shahid Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha which has the song “Gandi Baat” is no paragon of ideal male behaviour either.


    1. Yes I completely agree. But the difference is that in that movie Shahid is potrayed as a positive character where in Kabir Singh it is depicted as a regressive character itself. His regressive behavior is not glorified. Thats the point missed by many


  4. True! True! Most of our movies objectify women with songs, mindless dialogues, character roles with zero development except being pretty and dire need of help from a hero. Manhood is glorified to extend that once the angry-young-brooding man was an ideal man of life and gentleman portraying emotions other than anger, sadness or wooing female rarely existed in Bollywood. Let’s hope when women stood up against the Arjun Reddy character with all remakes, they do stand up in real life too. The director ended Arjun Reddy/ Kabir Singh with the pregnant married heroine. Well did Arjun changed his ways after becoming a father or did his anger issues continued? Did it had an ill impact on child with an always-i-want-fight father?


  5. I haven’t seen any of the movies that you mentioned and the reasons for avoiding movies are what you have enumerated here. I cannot afford to fill my mind with misogynist and regressive images.


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