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When will our daughters be safe?

We have seen several cases of lynching in the name of religion, community, politics. A man who stole food was beaten to death and there was a viral voice recording supporting the act. But till now there has not been a single case reported about lynching a bloody rapist. Why is that so?

There has been a lot of hue and cry about how movies like Kabir Singh, Drishyam etc have negatively influenced our youth. But why hasn’t movies like Janakan, Lipstick, Theevram, 22FK Amar Akbar Antony, I spit on your grave, Kill the rapist, influenced anyone? How many Rape revenge movies are out there. Didn’t any one get influenced?

The masses including you and me are just selfish. We fight to share social media posts about how ruthless the rapists are, how they deserve death, and we end up being nothing but ARMCHAIR ACTVISTS.

If given a chance, will you forget your family and kids and join hands to meet up and plan to lynch these worms to death?

We have seen numerous suicide cases and murder cases. If you have decided to end your life or someone’s life for that matter, why not end these bastards along with that.

I am telling you to do this because I am not able to do this. I am so busy taking care of my family and sharing social media posts about how cruel this world is. I am waiting for a castration law to be implemented. Till then I will ask my daughter to live the life of fear. Because the safety of our daughters is someone else’s responsibility.

This will never end. Better keep your daughters under your wings. Don’t let them fly. Don’t give them freedom to live because rapists are out on loose no matter what.

Tell your kids about Good Touch and Bad Touch

No hashtags and no more social media posts. What’s the point?

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