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Nature Sure Jonk Shampoo – Review

If I have to be frank, I mush say that I am hearing about Jonk Shampoo for the first time. A shampoo made from leech is something unique and unheard of.

Company Claim

The claim of the comoany is that the shampoo removes dandruff, restores shine and prevents hair fall. The ingredients are amla, aloe vera, shikakai, neem etc which are indeed helpful for nourishing the hair. It is paraben and sulphate free.


The bottle with the pump makes it easy to use. Only very little quantity is pumped out. The bottle is travel friendly as well.

Texture and fragrance

The shampoo has thick consistency. It lathers well despite sulphate free.


The product indeed adds shine to the hair. I did not use any conditioner. Nonetheless the shine was retained and the hair didn’t look dry or frizzy. It is commendable that the shine is retained even without conditioner or serum. I continously used it without any additional products but my hair has looking pretty maintained even with the third day hair.

Hairfall was also reduced considerably. Dandruff was also reduced but did not get cured completely. If used continously on a thrice a week basis, dandruff could be kept in check.

Hair Shine 100/100, Hairfall control 100/100 Dandruff control 80/100

Overall I am satisfied with the product. I am in fact surprised with how the shine was retained.

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