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Microblading- The rage in female beauty

Eyebrows are important in female beauty. Well done eyebrows make a woman look prettier. But many women are troubled with thin eyebrows and have to rely on expensive brow pencils on a daily basis. Needless to say the time invested for the same.


Microblading is also called eyebrow tattoo. But it is not exactly a tattoo. Tattoos are done with a machine with a thick needle. The ink darkens with time for normal tattoo. But for eyebrow tattoo each strand is made using hand. The tool is a fine needle used to make thin slices in the skin which looks like hair strands.

You are frowing, aren’t you? Unlike normal tattoo, microblading is done after applying a local anesthetic cream. Hence there won’t be any pain. You won’t be even able to see the blood. By the time it is done your face looks different.

Color intensity and thickness

The thickness and shape of the eyebrows is up to the client. When I underwent microblading, I just wanted to fill the sparse area. If you need thicker and darker eyebrows, you can opt for the same as well.

The color intensity will be tad bit more on the day we undergo micro blading. Further it will lighten and after a fortnight, your eyebrows look natural. After 15 days we can retouch the sparse areas, if any and we are done.


You need to keep your eyebrows hydrated for 15 days after the process, using vaseline. If it gets dry, the durability will be affected in the long run.


The microblading artists give us a guarantee of one year for the color to last. But it has been two years for me and the color hasn’t even faded a bit.

So, what are you waiting for? Rush to the nearest microblading artist and get your eyebrows done. I had visited NS STYLE SALON. Where are you going by the way?

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