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Traveling With Kids During COVID Times

Covid time have been scary for adults and kids alike. syteeping our with kids is a nightmare. More so, if your child is a naughty little brat. I can understand your. I have been there. I have three little hellions who were ready to burst out at a drop of a hat. And so we were travelling with kids during the COVID times. Not 1, not 2 but 3. Can you beat that.

Travelling with kids during covid

The planning nightmare:

If you have been following my posts, you might know that I don’t plan my trips in advance. But this time, I had to. Ww researched on a plethora of options and finally ruled out the option for a stay over. We started early in the morning and reached the property a little late for breakfast. So, what are the precautions that we took?

Travelling with kids during COVID:

We have taken the following precautions while we set out.

Travelling with kids during covid Tip 1

Keep spare masks ready

Kids play around and tend to drop the masks everywhere they run around. It is extremely risky to keep it back. This applies during the non-COVID times as well. Always keep a spare mask.

Carry sanitizing wipes

Kids always touch everywhere. It might not be feasible to make then handwash every now and then. we cannot make them sanitize their hands without cleaning them. So we are left with one option – Wipes. Keep sanitizing wipes handy while travelling with kids during COVID or otherwise as well.

Keep sanitizer spray ready

The place where we went had swings, slides, and what not. Kids were uncontrollable after months of jailing them. But how can we trust these swings? Would other kids sit there? I was getting anxious.The sanitizer sprays came to my rescue. I kept on spraying all over the places where my kids might play and touch.

Book private properties

The one I booked was not a private property. Rhis property named Vagamon Heights had separate cottages that were way apart from each other. Hence idea of social distancing was applicable.

Carry trash bags

This is applicable in all times. You must make your child accountable of keeping their country clean and preventing litter. Let them inculcate the habit of carrying a trash bag and take accountability of their trash.

Travelling with kids during covid Tips 2

Avoid Long Trips

Try to keep the trips short so that you don’t have to have many pitstops. Lets exposure the better.

Keep first aid kit with medicines handy

This tip is applicable in all time but especialy during COVID, try to avoid hospital visits in unknown places. Hence keep your first aid kits and medicines ready. I even had a nebuliser, just in case.

Carry toiletries, towels etc

You should avoid using the towels of the properties you stay in. This is advisable in all time. I used to even carry bed spreads because of this fear. Sounds crazy, I know but this makes me rest assured. Why lose sleep over silly things?

Educate your child

Travelling with kids during covid My kids

This is the most important. You child is way matured than you think. You child need to take an effort educate your child abour sanitizing, wearing mask the right way, not eating out and many more simple facts which they could take care of themselves.

So, set off with your littles ones for a safe, rejuvenating and exciting travel experience.

17 thoughts on “Traveling With Kids During COVID Times”

  1. Now when people are stepping out for short trips, it is necessary to take care of tiny details. Along with these, I also carry toilet seat covers. If we have to make an emergency restroom stop, then toilet seat covers is a best option. Atleast we are not directly exposed to the public restroom seats.


  2. Traveling with kids during this pandemic time is really risky. I am happy that you have shared great tips and precautions we need to take in this time while traveling


  3. Yes during this stressful Time of pandemic we all need to take extra precaution while going out. And when it comes to travel, planning ahead and keeping all sanitizing things handy is most important. You had listed and covered all options very well in this post.


  4. Booking a private property sounds like a smart option when it comes to traveling during Covid-19. Even booking a separate cottage or villa is a good idea to maintain social distancing. And yes even we carry our own towels and bedspreads, it’s not crazy and you are not alone.


  5. Traveling during pandemic is a very hectic affair and with kids along it is all the more worrysome. But as you said some precautions and educating the children can definitely help make the trip a memoriable and full of fun.


  6. Your blog has come as a quick guide as aim planning to travel in the coming week. It’s been a year we have stepped out and now traveling with two kids. Nice blog and it’s a simple yet quick guide.


  7. I have travelled with my son during COVID and yes totally agree to the pointers you have written about like keeping spare mask and havd sanitizer handy. safety and travel can go hand in hand.


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