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How To Identify And Eliminate Overthinking?

Last few weeks I was facing major writer’s block. Why? Because I was stuffing my mind with useless thoughts. I used to go on a thinking spree at the drop of a hat. I continued the trip of incoherent thoughts till I realised that I was overthinking.

How to get rid of ovethinking

Why was I overthinking?

I started analysing. Sadly I realised that I was straying from my self-love path. The one I carved with much effort and pain. If you have been following my self-love series, you would know how I attained. So it was time to retrace the voyage, I realised. This is how I attained it.

Analysing the flag-off point

You should ask yourself what your trigger is. Is it someone who talks behind your back? Could it be someone who thinks lowly about you? Are there are a cult of people who conspire against you?

If yes is the answer, one final question. Do you care about them?  If the answer is no, why do you care? If it is yes, go to talk to them. What are you breeding doubts?

problems of overthinking

Identifying the pitstops

Now that you have set out for the trip, you need to slow down and prepare to detour. Your pitstop should be when you decide and make yourself believe that, whoever it is doesn’t have the value to affect you.
How to attain it? The answer is there in my previous post identifying the trigger.

Way back to destination

Now you have cut off the concern about “What he/she is talking/thinking about me.” You have been stuffing your brain for a while with these thoughts. But now there is a void left. What next? It’s time to look around and bring some positivity.
Go and hug the one whom you love the most. It can be you kids, parents, spouses, lovers, friends or anyone for that matter. Spend a day virtually or in person.
Fill the void with love, happiness and peace.

Your destination

It is a false notion that detaching yourself from everything to attain ultimate happiness. It is a faux. No one, at least no one with a family, would be happy by detachment. Attachment with self acualisation is the key. You should accept yourself as you are. Additionally, accept others as they are. If someone is condescending, to you let them be. That’s their nature and that has nothing to do about your they are expressing their grief or insecurities in a certain way.

What you have to do about it?

Nothing! Be yourself, love yourself, and be in your happy zone. Attain it without hurting anyone or being hurt yourself. I have already mentioned in my previous posts. Identify you trigger stay away, find your passion and embrace it. Accept yourself and others as is and don’t get affected.

Most importantly, know your worth and nurture yourself. Becuae there is nothing in the universe that can prevent you from loving yourself. As I always say, if you cant love the sould that is with you for so many years, who else can. But, make srue you do so without hurting anyone, without being selfish. Not hurting someone doesn’t mean that you should condone victim plays. Identify the pretence. I will talk about it in the next post.

19 thoughts on “How To Identify And Eliminate Overthinking?”

  1. Self doubt, over thinking and being over judgmental towards ourselves is a big restriction in self-growth. Been happy inside out is very important. Sometimes, we overthink and lose the charm of the entire incident or step that we are supposed to take.


  2. I agree overthinking lead to us in a continuous process of getting many unwanted thoughts and sometimes with this process we feel disturbed too. Self love should be a priority for everyone with this hectic lifestyle. This is something that give us enough fuel to complete other routine responsibilities.


  3. this is such a positive post. Overthinking can lead us to delay in a lot of things. But i do over think sometimes and read up a lot about it – specially about health care, childcare etc.


  4. I’m new on your blog and I found this article really helpful,there is so much positivity within this, thanks for this motivation.


  5. Self love is very important. We often spend so much time overthinking about things that won’t even happen. Great article.


  6. Self love is the key to happiness. We get lost in thinking, what others think about us and then try to live by their expectations. Its as bad as it gets. We need to step out of this vicious cycle and learn to listen to our inner self


  7. Excellent post! It is so relatable and I guess we all go through such phases when we get caught up with overthinking. I loved the way you have explained it and I am sure this will be helpful for so many to come out of this phase.


  8. This is so amazingly penned…. I can totally relate with this.. I was a person who overthink every little thing but now I practiced to control my thoughts. This is very good article.


  9. Over thinking can do no good to anyone. It will just disturb you mentally and lead no where. So it’s better to either 1. Talk It out or 2. Ignore if that person doesnt matter. Nicely written.


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