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Puberty In Boys – Why This Shyness?

Puberty in boys is a topic that is often less prioritised as it is a slow process and there is no clear indication like periods. Moreover, in our patriarchal families, fathers refuse to discuss the topic and mothers are shy. Or used to be so! The world is growing with a brand new perspective and hence the change is imperative. Nonetheless are we aware enough about this to educate our sons?

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Puberty in boys:

It has been observed that girls’ puberty is connected to periods and boys’ puberty is connected to voice change. The other aspects of puberty are hardly addressed. As a result, the boys assort to the half-baked information available from unverified sources and breed false knowled about their body and sexuality and also about their opposite gender. This becomes more complicated in the cases of kids who are not straight.

Signs of puberty in boys:

Puberty in boys
Signs of puberty in boys

Hair growth and body changes

Those cute little cheeks with becoming a learner. Those tiny hands would develop muscles. Hair starts sprouting on their face, underarms and genitals. Yes, your little one will no longer be little. Prepare them about the changes in their body, face and genitals and educate them about hygiene. It is better than to tell them in the presence of their father. If you both are doing it together, the message is conveyed that discussing intimate matters with parents is not a crime. You are building a long bond of trust and assurance.

Voice changes

The most remarkable sign of puberty in boys is the voice change. Slightly cracked voice would make them conscious. It is important not to make fun of their voice and reassure them that is a growing process and that it is natural. For some boys it would be late. Again, not making fun of the sustaining female voice is important. Educate them not to bully their fri nds over this .

Excessive sweating

Boys will start being conscious about their body odour as they begin to sweat more. Excessive sweating is the most uncomfortable change due to puberty in boys. Introduce them to deodorant and teach them how to use it effectively without damaging their skin. Because they are growing but they are still kids.


You might have noticed boys with pimples sprouting all over their face. Assure your child that it is normal and in a few years, this would go away.

Involuntary erection and emission

Here comes the years of wet dreams, shame, half baked knowledge and even fear. It is our duty to educate them about these nocturnal and involutary genital changes. Waking upto a wet bed would be a nightmare if the child is not prepared for it. You should never shy away from talking about these to your boys. This is the first step into building a healthy parent child relationship where we can put the foundation of sex education.

Genital changes

The most significant change in boys is that their penis and testicles become bigger, and the scrotum changes colour to a reddish one and becomes thinner. Often this is a stage when boys discuss themselves penis length and size and connect it to sex. It is important to unambiguously talk to your child about this.

Tell them that the size of your genitals and sexual satisfaction have no connection. Tell this without criging. Because then only you can deliver the mesage that sex is not a cringeworthy deed. Only thus, we can bring up a generation which is not frustrated and sex deprived.

Puberty in boys and puberty in girls are equally important topics. These are no longer matters to be whispered behind closed doors. Open you mind and heart and start talking to your boys

19 thoughts on “Puberty In Boys – Why This Shyness?”

  1. BEAUTIFULLY penned and details are really informative. Much needed thnx alot dear. As a mother of teenager it’s really Needed to me ❤️👍🏻


  2. This is the first time I am reading any blog written on puberty in boys. We often talk about puberty in girls but boys also go through this phase. We often overlook the changes. that occur in their body and personality. The half-baked information plays a very big role. But giving a supportive environment and open communication, this transition can be made smooth for boys.


    1. This is something we don’t speak and I am sure I didn’t come across any article before on boys. We all speak about girls but you have come with important and unspoken topic Today. it’s really needs more more attention.


  3. As we have started talking about sex education , it is important to start with puberty changes and educating our children about the upcoming changes to be expected. It is a very awkward period for boys specially that is why talking to them and setting their anxieties at ease is important.


  4. Nicely written blog post. It is very important to talk about this topic coz most of the talk is about girls only. Thanks for educating us on this matter☺️👍


  5. This is really nice. You’re right that puberty in boys is not discussed much. But, this needs to be changed. I only knew about few things in the list and rest are new to me. Thank you discussing this. Great one.


  6. Very relevant topic and something I have been discussion with my son since he turned 11 two months ago. It is very important to discuss these issues with kids and let them know that they can come to us with any questions.


  7. It’ starts at home and awareness like these help us educate our kids to expect the right set of surprises and not wrong information..


  8. Puberty is a topic every parent need to discuss with their child with right information with right use of words. You are absolutely right that puberty in boys is less discussed, it is good that posts like this will create awareness and make parents also understand the importance of this topic.


  9. You have well covered all the related physical changes in boys body during puberty. I appreciate you chose to bring this topic under notice as equal to puberty in girls.


  10. Puberty is often discussed in terms of girls but we always miss on the boys bit and how they mature too and go through changes in life. This is a important subject and glad you wrote about this.


  11. True. The time and generation has changed. We need to now openly talk about the changes that happen in the body of girls and boys openly to them. You have written this so well.


  12. Absolutely the boys puberty is less talked about and reliable information is not available that misguide a lot. This post clear many doubts


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