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Best Morning Routine For Holistic Wellness

Before we proceed , I would like to share a happy news with all of you. You will soon be dealing with a Holistic Wellness as well as Health and Nutrition Life Coach. Yes! My dream is soon to be accomplished. Wellness is not about losing weight and eating only ‘healthy’. It is also about feeling good about yourself and having a positive vibe. To have a a positive day, you must have a positive morning. Yes, the vibe you receive and emanate first in the morning stays with you the whole day. So a social media foray should never be your first morning routine. Let’s see what should be the ideal morning routine for wellness.

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Morning routine for wellness:

1. Sit on the bed and meditate

Don’t barge into the bathroom to brush and pee. You need to start a day on a positive note, which means you need to imbibe positivity. Close your eyes and meditate for atleast a few seconds. Think of the most beautiful imagery – It could be your child’s toothless smile, or romantic verse by your partner or even a movie dialogue. Think only about it.

Don’t let your thoughts divert to what will I be cooking today or any such thoughts.

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2. Transmit the energy

Rub your hands , warm them and press them to your face. This practice gives you an immense energy drive that pumps you up for the day. Do this daily and you will feel an unprecedented change in your life

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3. Drink as much as water

Stomach full of water first thing in the morning is a medicine that you can treat you with. This you have to drink before brushing.

4. Listen to a prayer or melody

A soothing music can be food to the mind to bring our positive vibrations. It is like a cleansing, a morning brain detox like the morning detox drinks.

Morning routine
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5. Have a morning detox drink

It could be fenugreek water, apple cider vinegar or simply sugarless coffee. Yes sugarless coffee can also be ingested as a detox drink.

Don’ts of morning routine

  • Don’t panic
  • Don’t rush
  • Don’t be in haste

These are not just morning routines for wellness. These are ate stepping stones for ultimate holistic wellness. Keep following Holistic Wellness with RJ for more wellness indulgence.

12 thoughts on “Best Morning Routine For Holistic Wellness”

  1. First of all congrats for achieving your dream. My morning routine is exactly the same minus one thing- transmit the energy. I will add this as well. It reminds me of the “Karagre vasate Lakshmi”prayer my grandpa used to perform every morning.

    Holistic approach towards life can lead us to a much calmer and balanced life.


  2. Wow that’s great. You achieved Best Morning Routine For Holistic Wellness. I practice few points you shared. much calmer and balanced life and healthy. Thank you for sharing.


  3. Hy dear nice to know and happy to share I am a holistic lifestyle believer my self and do follow all these and many more. But so satisfying to read as an reminder will share this with my other friends 😊😇


  4. Such great routine! Can be easily done and followed by anyone and truly help calm nerves. I’ve been doing most of them already and still learning to ace that meditation part.


  5. That is a very good routine to follow Rakhi. I wasn’t much into listening to prayers right in the morning but I think its good to tune in to some soft prayers for the peaceful start of the day. Will try and incorporate the ideas shared by you for morning routine.


  6. These are some really wonderful things to do in morning. And, I am glad that I follow most of them regularly. Thanks for sharing them here. These simple things can really bring a good start.


  7. I too practice some of the morning routines u mentioned. Chia water is something that caught my attention; would explore more on that.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I do try to follow morning routine but always stop in between for one reason or other. Your post is inspiring me. I m going to start a good morning routine again and will stick to it untill i achieve my goals

    Liked by 1 person

  9. This article is a gem for lazy people like me. Thank you for bringing this beautiful article up. Will surely try and be productive in these lazy quarantine days.

    Liked by 1 person

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