Puberty In Girls – Every Mother’s Worry

As much as we blame the junk food, aginomoto, hormone infused chicken, or milk,  we need to be prepared and accept the fact the pubert in girls is a normal process.

Is your child suffering from adenoiditis?

Adenoiditis – Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

My second child snores like an adult. Time to get him checked because"ADENOIDITIS IS GENETIC" and he had the symptoms.


Taking Care Of Premature Babies – Premature Child Month

Going into premature delivery is not in anyone's hands. No one would deliberately want to take the risk of having a child who is at risk. But what if you have one? How to take care of a premature child?

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Traveling With Kids During COVID Times

Covid time have been scary for adults and kids alike. syteeping our with kids is a nightmare. More so, if your child is a naughty little brat. I can understand your. I have been there. I have three little hellions who were ready to burst out at a drop of a hat. And so we… Continue reading Traveling With Kids During COVID Times

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How to be a perfect mother?

Why isn't my child like other kids? Am I a failure as a mother? Am I too harsh? Am I too soft? How can I handle them? Why didn't my child potty train before two? Why is my child a fussy eater and none of the tips I see around work? Some of you would… Continue reading How to be a perfect mother?

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What is the real awareness of breastfeeding that we should have?

Breast feeding awareness week is going on. Everyone is talking about the importance of breastfeeding and also breastfeeding in public. It is commendable that contrary to the past aversion in many women regarding breastfeeding connected to their own body and health, people are indeed showing interest in the topic. So what is the awareness that… Continue reading What is the real awareness of breastfeeding that we should have?

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Excavate your Passion #A2AChallenge2020 #SelfLove

To tell someone to forget the past, to move on and concentrate on yourself is easy but on a practical ground, it is equally tough. It seems impossible at some point and all you would care about is how it is going to affect your image, future and character at large. The first thought in… Continue reading Excavate your Passion #A2AChallenge2020 #SelfLove

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Dealing with Sinusitis- The tried and tested cure.

Of late I came across many kids and adults who have been suffering from Sinusitis. I myself used to struggle with the headache. Now my daughter does. Often for many diseases, the medicine is your experience. It's not always the theoretical knowledge provided to us by the doctors. Not that they are wrong but we… Continue reading Dealing with Sinusitis- The tried and tested cure.


Teenagers and trouble

Teenagers are like fire crackers. How safely we handle them is all upto us. We can either make them useless by pouring water or beautiful by giving a slight spark or explosive by giving a full fledged fire. Each teenager is different. Hence how we handle them should be different too. Teenage is a time… Continue reading Teenagers and trouble

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Kitchen masters

Women are created such that they can take care of kids naturally. The years old argument which is a trap that confine women to home. Now-a-days there are many men who take care of kids when their wives are away. Likewise another trap of words would be 'Women are meant to cook'. The myth is… Continue reading Kitchen masters