Poetry and Short Stories

Sunset Poem – Sun Is A She

A sunset ride to the backwaters of Kerala could evoke the following thoughts. Kerala is called " the Gods own country" for a reason. The greenery, water, nature - Will it be enough ever? The sunset made me think how much we relate with the sun. And thus this sunsey poem was born. SUN IS… Continue reading Sunset Poem – Sun Is A She

Poetry and Short Stories

Young Souls, Wakeup

In a contemplative mood My mind flew To some unknown strata of cerebral hemisphere Tapping the brains Trying to peel off the hidden layers A new picture divulged A soul sublimed in insanity of the fumes inhaled Defining a new realm of motion In the dreadful thump Devils dancing in the hell Celebrating the victory… Continue reading Young Souls, Wakeup

Poetry and Short Stories

I Wish

When the sky becomes sober, When the clouds shed tears, I wish, if I were a rainbow When i see the sky, Glowing in the moonlight, I wish, if I were a star. When I see the flowers, Waiting to a dance, I wish, if I were the breeze When I see the vessel, Sailing… Continue reading I Wish

Poetry and Short Stories


Long nose Full pink lips Curvy eyes Red cheeks Slim figure Toned body Poised walk Oh! ! ! she Is beautiful Dirty tongue Selfish thoughts In human attributes Heartless attitude What is beauty for If it resides in an unkind body Egocentric soul Nourish the god in you, not Satan Flourish the human in you,… Continue reading UNVEILING HER

Poetry and Short Stories


My heart is full of flowers and your sweet memories I deeply wish you might be waiting for me Days become years when I miss you You left me solemnly Oh! My Dear! ! The monotony of solitude is dreadful my sweet heart Come, come, come and make me soar up That day u came… Continue reading THE NOSTALGIA

Poetry and Short Stories

Single Mother

She looked at the kid With a cold face A child who reminds her of her haze A child whom she pretentiously hated A child who was the part of her body for months A child whom she bred with her blood Sucking her breast voraciously Quenching thirst and hunger Holding her pearl necklace, With… Continue reading Single Mother

Poetry and Short Stories


Set it free, set it straight Know what is yours Balance it for everyone Let it bind you For you will be judge on it It decided your past, it decides your future You and only you are responsible of it For priorities are you choice Set it straight and set it free    

Poetry and Short Stories


Why should I cover my face Why should I be called after my birthplace Why should I retreat to a shell? ? If my rapists can move around If my attackers are free Why should I be deprived of a normal life I request you media Don't blur my face Don't hide my identity I'm… Continue reading REVIVAL

My voice, Poetry and Short Stories

My love

I wrote this poem 15 years back when I was in throes of my first love. After a decade and a half I'm still smitten by this stubborn, obsessive, passionate, naughty, freaking awesome, sweet rascal. Love you beyond words Appu I love him beyond words I talk about him beyond thoughts I think of him… Continue reading My love