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Caring yourself during lockdown #Selflove

We are living in an unprecedented situation. No-one clearly knows how to deal with this since we don't have any clear instructions. Even after a month and more of lockdown, we are still stuck with new positive cases and even doubt a community spread of the pandemic. Now we no longer have the time and… Continue reading Caring yourself during lockdown #Selflove

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Happines should not be a burden #SelfLove #BlogchatterA2Z

You have every right to be happy. We have been talking about how to be happy and how to love yourself. But haven't you thought why you need to be happy. What's wrong with being sad once in a while? Have you ever thought about enjoying your sadness? If you are into a creative profession,… Continue reading Happines should not be a burden #SelfLove #BlogchatterA2Z

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Give yourself some space #A2ZChallenge2020 #SelfLove

All this while we were discussing about facing the problems that come our way, and dealing with them and dealing with your own mind. So, what if there are no problems in your life? Or even if you are going through the worst space, don't you deserve a break. Take a break from everything. Give… Continue reading Give yourself some space #A2ZChallenge2020 #SelfLove

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Drink a Cup of Positivity- The magic potion

Be positive, power of positivity, think positive, stay postive- Positivity has been the most trending hashtag in social media of late. We all want to stay positive and keep negativity at bay. Is that so easy? Well, no. The more you try to remain positive, the more you will face difficulties and find it difficult… Continue reading Drink a Cup of Positivity- The magic potion

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Be yourself and fight for your self-worth

We live in a society, that too a judgemental one. We will be judged by someone or the other at every point of our lives. We live our lives fulfilling the social norms that we foregt our self worth and end up not being ourselves anymore. Being ourselves doesn't imply that you can do whatever… Continue reading Be yourself and fight for your self-worth

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Awareness is the key to start self-love #A2Zchallenge

When I announced the topic for the #A2ZChallenge by Blogchatter, I did not elaborate it. I did not emphasise what I meant with the word Self-love. The term can have several illustrations. Hence it is imperative that I should shed light on what exactly I meant with the word self love. So let's see what… Continue reading Awareness is the key to start self-love #A2Zchallenge

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Physical, emotional and digital detox #DetoxTuesday

The word detox evokes the memory of a washout. As we saw growing up, warm water with honey, warm water with lemon juice etc. But a sole physical detox would not help the purpose. We need to cleanse inside out. Keeping that purpose in mind, I am starting a new series detox Tuesday starting from… Continue reading Physical, emotional and digital detox #DetoxTuesday

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Self-care and selfishness- #WellnessWednesday

Welcome back to Wellness Wednesday. This series is not only skincare but self care and health care also. So today I though I will go with selfcare.Caring oneself doesn't mean that you should be selfish but it means that you should keep yourself away from whatever pulls you down. If that comes across as selfishness… Continue reading Self-care and selfishness- #WellnessWednesday


Vindictive Happiness

We often think of seeing the one who did you had suffer. Mostly what goes around Comes Around and you get to see them pay for their vices but the moment you feel happy about it, what you feel is no longer happiness. The happiness is that feeling which comes out of fulfillment and positive… Continue reading Vindictive Happiness


Quest of enlightenment

Most of us expect to have an enlightenment like what is seen in movies or books, or just wish so. That some Fakir or Sadhu will appear before us and tell us what to do so that you will get the ultimate freedom. But in reality, it is not the case. We end up loathing… Continue reading Quest of enlightenment