Incompetent Cervix and encirclage

After six months of comparatively hassle-free and easy pregnancy, I faced the first challenge. I used to wonder why I was so lucky to be free of nausea or any pregnancy related fatigue. But I had least idea about what was in store for me. We, in Kerala have a custom called ‘Kootikondupoval’ which is equal to the ‘ Godh bharai’ or ‘Valakappu’. The preggy’s parents come to her marital home with 7 varieties of eatables on the 7th month of pregnancy and take their daughter to her parental home. I was super excited to go to my own home and relish the pampering and love of my parents. But the happiness didn’t last long.

I had been having pain in my pubic bone for the days preceding the function. But after two days, the pain was unbearable and I was taken to the hospital. On checking doctor informed me that ‘os’ are open. Now this time I didn’t have the time to go back home and Google about the OS because doctor said that I needed to be admitted and a stitch needed to be applied to my uterus in order to prevent a pre term delivery or abortion. Doctor said that I had an incompetent cervix.


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“Had you not been diagnosed at the right time, you would have lost your first born. Your cervix had a two finger opening”, said the doctor later.

Back in the hospital room, I’m engaged with the universal tutor, Google. Google told me that incompetent cervix means that my Cervical tissues are weak and that cervix begins to dilate and efface before term, and hence the pain. OS is the opening of the cervix to the uterus.Applying the stitches in the cervix to hold it closed is called encerclage.

Normally encerclage is done earlier by about 12-14 weeks of pregnancy but in my case it was 28 weeks. This is a rarity but not the first of its kind. Applying a cerclage during the late pregnancy is called emergent cerclage. The patient will be given general or epidural anaesthesia. I was given general anaesthesia for the three pregnancies. Yes, you heard it right. For the three pregnancies I had to undergo encerclage. But it is not necessary that for everyone it is so. There are mothers who underwent encerclage for the first pregnancy but had a trouble free pregnancy further. This depends on the strength of your uterus.

There are three types of encirclages. We will find the difference and furthermore in the next post .

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The test time- TVS and Obstetric scan

The last post was a short one. Apart from the headache which the physician misdiagnosed as migraine, my first trimester was hassle free. The three months came to an end faster than any other pretty  since my UPT was done at two and a half months. “On completion of third month we will do TVS and Obstetric Scan,” doc said. I stared at her in horror. My overestimated self-proclaimed vocabulary seemed to come a cropper under those words applied in daily life. Unable to admit that I didn’t understand what she just said, I smiled and took leave. First thing I did on reaching home was Google TVS and Obstetric Scan. The first link came was that of TVS motor company. Cursing the stars in revised my search and typed “TVS pregnancy”. There came the answer, thanks to babycenter. There I got to know that TVS is Transvaginal Scan. I was wondering how it would be  done. On further research it became clear that it would be done by inserting a probe inside the vagina. The probe would be covered with a condom to avoid infections. Okay, so that much is clear. Now Obstetric scan. As you guessed I didn’t even know the spelling. All thanks to auto correction, I managed to type the name. Obstetric Scan is Ultrasonography used in pregnancy which brings me to the knew knowledge that Obstetrics is a branch of medicine and surgery related to child birth and midwifery. My overconfidence of being knowledgeable about every ‘science’thing was reduced to ashes.



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Transvaginal Scan

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The first pregnancy is a time we are introduced to many acronyms. After completion of third month, I went in for the obstetric scan aka Ultra sound scan. The nursing staff asked me my LMP. I stared at her as if I saw a ghost. She, seemingly used to such reactions, clarified with the expansion Last Menstrual Period. Thanks to the white soul. Else, I would have to excuse myself and Google again. I sadly and shamefully one of those who were reluctant to say “I don’t know”. The bravest thing to do is to learn how to say “I don’t know” instead of pretending that you know everything.

Time came for the first ultra sound scan. The radiologist, after taking forever to examine, showed me the heart beat. A tiny blip. I felt as if God is winking at me reminding me to cherish the moment, to freeze it in my memory. My first feeling of motherhood. My first baby. His /her heartbeat. I couldn’t believe that it was real. I felt as if I’m floating on thin air. I wanted him to be with me. My partner in crime, partner in pregnancy in this case. His expression was one of the most priceless moments in my life.

Don’t you agree with me? Oh my God. I’m getting emotional. It might seem unprofessional but I need the moment to resurface. Even after experiencing it thrice. So folks, let’s see next week.Next week you will see the one thing, the revelation that changed my life forever.

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Initial days

Initial days

So we have seen he pregnancy tests last time. Now, the sickness. Pregnancy is synonymous to morning sickness. Get up in the morning brush your teeth ‘Thup’. Drink Tea, coffee or milk, Thup. Eat something cook something, smell something Thup, Thup, thup. There can be several reasons behind this like increased hormonal level, decreased blood sugar etc. Level and type of sickness can be different for different pregnancies. In most cases, vomiting stops by the fourth or fifth month, which makes me feel that BETA HcG is the reason behind this.

Minor sickness can be ignored and cured with home remedies. Having lime water helps sometimes. Fry cumin seeds and boil water putting these fried seeds. This helps in some cases. Smelling lemon helps some ladies. Put a kalimirch in your  But these are all relative. Sickness during pregnancy is a tricky thing. We never know what helps for each person. If you feel that you are dehydrated, do consult your Gyn.

I had severe headache during the first trimester. As mentioned before I had no idea that I was pregnant and took medications for migraine. Thankfully nothing dangerous happened to the baby even if migraine medicines are not advisable during pregnancy.

It is said that we shouldn’t reveal the news of pregnancy to anyone till 3 months. This is because first three months, chances of miscarriage are more. If you find unusual spotting do consult a Gyn.

That’s all for today guys. See ya next week

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Cherishing that tiny heart beat

Understanding the purple lines

Cherishing that tiny heart beat

I have been requested on and on  to write about my experiences with three pregnancies and apparently motherhood that follows. As a person who is obsessed with privacy, I have always kept my personal and professional arenas at bay. Nevertheless, I was unable to misheed the requests. Hence here I am with my first post in the series Prengancy and motherhood.

It is a mandatory custom in Indian household to be ready with the question ” When can we see the little one ” exactly a month after marriage. It is as if marriage is a football match and folks around are waiting for the goal. ‘ The penis shoots the sperm it dodges the forward, defense and tribbles the way through the opposite team goal post aka uterus. The goalkeeper aka egg dives in the air and catches the ball And it’s  a GOAL sorry zygote’. Does it work that way???  Sadly the women folks who knows about the reality are the ones to sit in the gallery and wait for the goal. Following the custom, I was also asked the same question ” When can we see the little one” not by my family though. 

Nothing prepares you for the big news but experience. No biotechnological knowledge prepared me to understand that the spotting I found was not due to climate change or honeymoon stress but a tiny dot in my womb. Again presuming the dark spot was misplaced ‘chums’ I waited for a month more for the next blood in the moon which never came. That was a moment when I came face to face with the motherhood question. Am I or Am I not? Instead of choosing the easy way of the UPT or the Urine Pregnancy  Test at home, we went to the hospital right away. The first question that the doctor asked me was ‘Did you do the UPT?’. Well, thankfully, without much cribbing, she prescribed a Urine test and asked us to wait. 

The moment came. YES IT’S positive. I mean really? ?? My husband was like ‘Are you sure?’. It took an hour more for the reality to sink in. The first instruction I got was not to tell anyone outside family till the third month. I couldn’t wait to but I did. Wait, wait and wait to tell my friends, relatives, cousins everyone. For me, till the seventh month or precisely 27 weeks everything was smooth and fine. What happened afterwards will be shared in the further posts.

Every Time, getting the positive UPT or passing the three month hurdle is not as easy as it seems. Next week we will see how to identify a positive and negative UPT and risks during the first three months.