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How to be a perfect mother?

Why isn't my child like other kids? Am I a failure as a mother? Am I too harsh? Am I too soft? How can I handle them? Why didn't my child potty train before two? Why is my child a fussy eater and none of the tips I see around work? Some of you would… Continue reading How to be a perfect mother?

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What is the real awareness of breastfeeding that we should have?

Breast feeding awareness week is going on. Everyone is talking about the importance of breastfeeding and also breastfeeding in public. It is commendable that contrary to the past aversion in many women regarding breastfeeding connected to their own body and health, people are indeed showing interest in the topic. So what is the awareness that… Continue reading What is the real awareness of breastfeeding that we should have?

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Dealing with Sinusitis- The tried and tested cure.

Of late I came across many kids and adults who have been suffering from Sinusitis. I myself used to struggle with the headache. Now my daughter does. Often for many diseases, the medicine is your experience. It's not always the theoretical knowledge provided to us by the doctors. Not that they are wrong but we… Continue reading Dealing with Sinusitis- The tried and tested cure.

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Pregnancy and Mother-in-law- Quirkiness in Tradition – Guest post by Payel Chowdhury.

It's been a while since I have posted anything in the pregnancy and parenting category. I wanted to write lots about the morning sickness which surprisingly I did not have. Hence I chucked it. Recently I came across this article where there is this relatable experience with morning sickness and the notion of embarrassment attached… Continue reading Pregnancy and Mother-in-law- Quirkiness in Tradition – Guest post by Payel Chowdhury.

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Bed rest and pre-term delivery

Hello mommies out there, Don't sulk and frown at me. I know I left everyone half way with the pregnancy posts. Some of the expecting mothers among you might have had their babies by now. But I was trapped with the three hellions. What I understood in the past one year is that if you… Continue reading Bed rest and pre-term delivery

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Incompetent Cervix and encirclage

After six months of comparatively hassle-free and easy pregnancy, I faced the first challenge. I used to wonder why I was so lucky to be free of nausea or any pregnancy related fatigue. But I had least idea about what was in store for me. We, in Kerala have a custom called 'Kootikondupoval' which is… Continue reading Incompetent Cervix and encirclage

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The test time- TVS and Obstetric scan

The last post was a short one. Apart from the headache which the physician misdiagnosed as migraine, my first trimester was hassle free. The three months came to an end faster than any other pretty  since my UPT was done at two and a half months. "On completion of third month we will do TVS… Continue reading The test time- TVS and Obstetric scan

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Initial days

So we have seen he pregnancy tests last time. Now, the sickness. Pregnancy is synonymous to morning sickness. Get up in the morning brush your teeth 'Thup'. Drink Tea, coffee or milk, Thup. Eat something cook something, smell something Thup, Thup, thup. There can be several reasons behind this like increased hormonal level, decreased blood… Continue reading Initial days

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Understanding the purple lines

Last week we had reached a pact on discussing about the UPT (Urine Pregnancy Test). Here I am with the new post. I had done the blunder of going to a Gyn as soon as I felt I have conceived. Thankfully I was. But, there have been cases when the whole family sets out for… Continue reading Understanding the purple lines

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Cherishing that tiny heart beat

I have been requested on and on  to write about my experiences with three pregnancies and apparently motherhood that follows. As a person who is obsessed with privacy, I have always kept my personal and professional arenas at bay. Nevertheless, I was unable to misheed the requests. Hence here I am with my first post… Continue reading Cherishing that tiny heart beat