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How to be a perfect mother?

Why isn't my child like other kids? Am I a failure as a mother? Am I too harsh? Am I too soft? How can I handle them? Why didn't my child potty train before two? Why is my child a fussy eater and none of the tips I see around work? Some of you would… Continue reading How to be a perfect mother?


Overcoming the seven year itch

We have all heard of the Seven year itch. Some of you might have seen the movie, many of you have experienced it. If you ask me, seven year itch is so true. Either it is some psychological magic or something related to cosmic energy. Whatever it may be I have been to one. Nothing… Continue reading Overcoming the seven year itch

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Navigate to happiness and love

There is nothing that's as liberating as a drive or ride with your partner. Vacations are on and we will be looking for new destinations to visit with your family.  A long drive to a cool destination with your family might sound tiring but once you set out for one, you will understand how weightless… Continue reading Navigate to happiness and love


Marriage, the eternal bond

It's said that we only marry once. But there are fortunate or unfortunate souls who had more. It's not how many times you marry but how happy you are in a marriage that matters the most. Understanding, love, trust, fidelity, peace, freedom- There are a lot of ingredients to the recipe of marriage. The quantity… Continue reading Marriage, the eternal bond


Friends Like Family- #BlogchatterA2Z 2019

We all have friends who are like a family, which we lovingly call family friends. Some of them are more than family. Quite often the husbands will be friends, wives will be friends and kids will be friends as well. But rarely, this would not be the case, wives would be friends but husbands won't… Continue reading Friends Like Family- #BlogchatterA2Z 2019


Driving force

Quite often we complain about our spouse's inability to express love, deliver complements, understand what you want etc. If you are one who has these complaints, it is time for an introspection for it's you who are being inadequate. If you feel that your partner is not expessing love, why don't you do what you… Continue reading Driving force

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My first attempt of #BlogchatterA-ZChallenge starts today. Since the theme is Family, everything that I write about would be invariably related to my family. For a family life to be happy and peaceful , it is important to know the alphabets. Alphabets of understanding, love, and trust. Speaking of these three the faces of two… Continue reading Alphabets

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My Diary

Diary writing has always been my habit for years. I am not sure when I started writing my thoughts out. I still have a collection of my literary blabbering. When the heat of postgraduation melted my brain, the writing habit was lost somewhere. I started keeping to myself. I was all exuberant and made a… Continue reading My Diary


Set your priorities straight

Of late I have been asked if I don't do household jobs at all. I appreciate the intrigue people have in my personal life. To curb the desire let me clarify. Yes, I don't do much cooking, if cooking is the job they are referring to or is it room and bathroom cleaning? Or is… Continue reading Set your priorities straight