Holistic Wellness

Best Morning Routine For Holistic Wellness

To have a a positive day, you must have a positive morning. Yes, the vibe you receive and emanate first in the morning stays with you the whole day. So a social media foray should never be your first morning routine. Let's see what should be the ideal morning routine for wellness.


Follow the signs: Don’t be an emotional fool.

Have you ever wondered  "How I trusted that person!". Have you ever regretted not trusting your instincts about someone? Have ever thought of repenting for the mistake of ignoring your loved ones' warning about someone! I'm sure you would have, at some point of time. This might have happened in a relationship, friendship, or any… Continue reading Follow the signs: Don’t be an emotional fool.


The resolutions gone wrong

Since we started #morningcupofpositivity thread, we took several decisions. To not let anything affect us. To not use words like mad, crazy, crack etc for fun's sake. To get rid of ego. To evict negativity. I have said that and you have read that but did we apply it successfully? The peculiarity of every resolution… Continue reading The resolutions gone wrong


The beginning of a saga

 Birthdays  important for everyone. As kids we wait for our birthdays so that we could be the center of attraction and moreover get lovely gifts. Once we grow older, birthdays are all about waiting for friends’ wishes and birthday cards. Once we grow older, we look forward to cake cuttings in offices or surprises from… Continue reading The beginning of a saga