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Why Should We Wakeup by The Right Side in the Morning?

What to do after waking up but do you know how to wake up. Or, precisely speaking which side to wake up? You might know that it is the right side. But do you know why right side is considered 'the right side'?

Importance of saying no
Self Love

The Importance Of Saying No For Eternal Positivity

Being positive doesn't mean that you should always say positive answers to everyone's request and "order". Being positive also means that you should severe that which affect your peace of mind. Quite often you would have come across situations where you feel that you are being taken for granted. You keep quiet. Why?Because that person… Continue reading The Importance Of Saying No For Eternal Positivity

Positivity, Selfcare

Self-care and selfishness- #WellnessWednesday

Welcome back to Wellness Wednesday. This series is not only skincare but self care and health care also. So today I though I will go with selfcare.Caring oneself doesn't mean that you should be selfish but it means that you should keep yourself away from whatever pulls you down. If that comes across as selfishness… Continue reading Self-care and selfishness- #WellnessWednesday