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Smriti Irani- A case of real feminism

Till sometime back she was called Tulsi Maa, a tribute to a character she played for more than 10 years. When she contested elections for the first time, everyone underestimated her saying she is a mere daily sop actress. The insult she had to endure during the national Film award distribution would not yet be forgotten.

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On a non- political analysis, Smriti Irani’s victory is a quintessential case study of hardwork, determination, perseverance and faith.

While crying for reservation, each woman should realise how this ordinary woman has grown to the Grand Slayer in Indian politics where strongest women, with a few exceptions of Sushma Swaraj, Brinda Karat etc are backed by nepotism. On a deep study we could clearly say that she is the real feminist.

She ensured that a woman is equal to any man with her credentials.

During the national Film awards, when a group of artists acted as mere puppets in the political jugglery and refused to receive the award from her and the so called feminists or rather pseudo feminists too joined hands with them, they would not have imagined that she would grow to this level. I used to wonder why even the women who claim themselves as feminists too decided not to receive the award from her.

She is the quintessential example of what feminism is. This is male-female equality. No matter which party she belongs to, the message she delivered with the victory is huge. The level of confidence she could instil in women is unparalleled. She made me proud to be a woman.

She stood her ground, and challenged the lion in his own den and came out as the queen of the jungle.

Her victory could not be belittled by giving it the name of Modi wave because if that’s the reason, she would have won last time also. It is her attitude towards common people, her efforts in spending time with the masses without reserving it to elections and her aura of womanhood that worked.

Till now only Jayalalitha could have the power to rise from the ashes. Now one more name in the list. While the rest of the gigantic women leaders barring a few misused their power to reinstate their power, she became the soft spoken woman without much antics.

She is surprisingly simple and still powerful.

This post has no political indulgence and nothing to do with the party she represents. This is an ideal case study of the real feminism. The one that I have been talking about all the while. Let’s not talk about reservation. Let the women be emotionally and intellectually strong and the same time retain the palpable motherly instincts.

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8 thoughts on “Smriti Irani- A case of real feminism”

  1. While her victory is huge and commendable, I wouldn’t call her a feminist. Someone who sends bangles to an apparently and allegedly inefficient silent prime minister, isn’t doing great justice to the cause of women equality. She has been heard saying often that wear bangles/ghoonghat and sit at home. She has not raised her voice against the inherent misogyny of her party leaders. So yeah, politician, sure. Feminist, nope!


    1. What I meant is that idea of feminism is not creating a ruckus about anything that’s not favourable to women, nor cry for reservation
      She had been subjected innumerable mysogynistic comments herself. But she gave an answer through her victory. Feminism is empower a woman so much so that she becomes capable to be at the same level as any man. That she definitely is
      That’s the real feminism. Not the facade that we see these days.


  2. Greetings! I just read this and it’s amazing!! I found your work beautiful and truly look forward to reading more in the future. I’m in love with your words and the way you expressed your thoughts so easily. And I was wondering if you could checkout my new piece on Anti-abortion feminists and reproductive rights and comment some feedback. Looking forward to hearing from you. – Kiran


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