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Thanks for the unrelenting support being provided till date. I would like to share the latest happy news with my dear readers and followers. My blog, our blog Scrutiny is nominated in IndiBlogger awards for Parenting and Current Affairs category. Kindly Support me with your testimonials in the link shared below

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Men or women rights are the same

Off late, I haven’t been writing anything on atrocities towards women. However we write, these practices will not end because the psychopaths who find pleasure in a fellow being’s extreme pain cannot be changed with these posts or protests. I would say that the stigma of the society towards mental disorders is the main reason behind these acts because a normal person can never assort to such level of felony. Today my post is on the flip side of this issue.


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Past one year I have witnessed that several of my friends and relatives are subjected to unfair treatment by their wives. Some got divorced, some even annulled marriage and a minority still put up with this.
What would be the thought process in a girl’s mind if she asks for divorce on the fourth day of her wedding just because her cousins think that she could have gotten a better looking guy? Why did she marry in the first place? The guy was intelligent enough to annul the wedding at the earliest.
In another instance, a girl was seen marrying a guy as a stop gap arrangement before her lover got settled? Seriously? ?What about the guy who was fooled by this whole drama. If he reacts, he will have to face litigation citing 498/A. If he doesn’t react he will be tagged as a gay. Yes, it is the new trend to tag men who respect women as gay. Why? Gays are not human beings? Don’t they have integrity?

Well, that’s not the topic concern in this post. So, citing a third example, a guy who is an NRI got married and left for middle east leaving his wife in India. What follows next is a story of treachery, extra marital affair and debauchery. While heading for divorce, he was asked to give compensation to the woman who cheated him and robbed him in broad daylight. Succumbing to the blackmail that he would be charged of domestic violence if not concurring to the alimony, which in turn will affect his job and visa, he paid whatever was asked.

The most funniest and the most painful example is that of a guy who spent all his life’s savings to satisfy his wife whom he dated for years. When she left him she took whatever she could get from him and vanished into thin air. When he tried to contact her, what he could get was a plain denial and a demand that her advocate would be doing all verbal as well as legal correspondence.

Why does laws which empower women turn blind eye towards men? Why isn’t there a men’s commission? Why do rapists go scotfree whereas men who were cheated and subjected to injustice have to suffer? Why isn’t there a system to show some degree of discretion?

All this doesn’t point to the disintegration of our cultural heritage. It is a mind set that has developed from selfishness, arrogance and apathy, which is collectively named by the new generation as pragmatism.

Where does the deterioration begin? Does empowering women mean destroying a man’s life or does it mean that women should be apathetic towards men. There are chauvinistic rogues among men but does that give us reason enough to generalize everyone. Once I asked one my friends to obey her husband in a particular context. She took offence of my statement and said

“Obey? What do you mean by obey? I’m not a slave like you. We move as a team”. I was awestruck. Does obeying your spouse or partner make you their slaves? This applies to both genders. Obedience doesn’t mean imposing your rules on each other. It is just paying heed to each other’s suggestions.

One should not tolerate an abusive spouse but that doesn’t mean that you should set out on a non cooperation spree with everyone . Stop belittling your friends if they prioritize their spouse. Stop bullying your friends if they listen to their spouse because a relationship proceeds only through adjustments, sacrifices and understanding. There is nothing wrong in ‘obeying’ your spouse, provided, they reciprocate it and the demands are logical.

To all girls and boys out there, if you are not ready for a marriage, please don’t get married. If you are in a relation, don’t get married to another person just to come back to your old paramour. Please don’t play with another person’s life because you don’t have the right to do so. If someone is a simpleton, you don’t get the license to play with their feelings and life.


Proud to live in the land of brilliance

Land of rapists, land of waste, land without security, ladies can’t go out alone, land without opportunities : A lot of adjectives have been added to our country lately. We have witnessed our youth apathetically proclaiming that I need to leave this godforsaken land, otherwise my life would not flourish. Media is busy celebrating Rahul Gandhi’s torn Kurta, Sasikala’s vile politics, celebrity deliveries  and similar news which provide them mileage and TRPs.  When a group of scientists took our nation to the top of the world, the news had to satisfy with a meagre mention of mere two minutes. While newspapers were brimming with news about Sasikala’s past, (well some gave a front page mention of the news) the news of launching 104 satellites in one go was not given due importance.isro-selfie_650x400_81487229126

Image courtesy :

I really doubt how many of our so calle new generation knows about this news. In the social media’s where every controversial news gets viral, this feat was more or less forgotten. The fact that 101 out of 104 satellites belong to other countries reinstates the significance of our nation in the international arena. The picture shown above  was taken by our Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle  (PSLV ). While we share every daily ablutions on social media, proclaim every single incident in our life, would you mind sharing this beautiful awe-inspiring picture.

I have grown up hearing cruel jokes of Indian rockets coming back with the same speed as they were launched, by Indian comedians. Would they mind mentioning this milestone?

Chinese media proclaimed that Indians have reasons to be proud of. But do we realize this? We launched a lunar probe in 2008, we are the first Asian country to have an unmanned rocket orbit. All these was mentioned in the media of our rival country but we, as Indians don’t want to know it.

Take a break today and share this awesome pic as a token of respect to the group of people who made this possible. Media’s won’t care;  let social media do.

PS: Not all medias forgot this.


My love

I wrote this poem 15 years back when I was in throes of my first love. After a decade and a half I’m still smitten by this stubborn, obsessive, passionate, naughty, freaking awesome, sweet rascal. Love you beyond words Appu

I love him beyond words
I talk about him beyond thoughts
I think of him beyond the world
I need him beyond the life

Words are nothing when i express how much i feel for him
In the beginning of the horizon
In the end of eternity
I see only one person
Its him him only
Life love and lust
All my feelings are only for him

I procured him against destiny
Gods bowed down before our love
Destiny changed before our soul

In every footsteps
In every heart beats
In every breath
In every words
I express only one thing
I love him I love him I love him

For all those trod me for my love
For all those frowned at my love
For all those grimaces of time
I must say one thing
Beyond the time,
Beyond life
Beyond death
Beyond birth
He is mine

Waiting for years
To tie a knot
To come out triumphantly
To walk through the streets holding hand in hand
Searching for my fingers
To feel the touch of love

I am here undefeated unaffected
Waiting for that day…………….

Why give up on your life?

Suicide of students due to whatsoever reasons has been hot topic for social media, politicians and students themselves. Their pain and emotional trauma is objectified to a point where their photographs are hung at every nook and corner and discussions, debates and war cries to punish the culprits take place in areas pragmatically unaffected. A hero takes birth. Yes, their traumatic experience which led to a depression is perspicuous. Steps need to be taken to punish those who turned a blind eye on these students’ grievances but what will we gain if we glorify their act as a heroism. Notwithstanding the reality that the issues faced by them are grave. They were subjected to blatant partisanship but we are living in a land of heroes who fought till their last breath.

I can relate to them fully since I has been there once but life taught me a lesson to fight it or leave it. When I look back, I used to wonder what would  have been if I had given up on my life. My wonderful husband , my three precious kids, all wouldn’t have come to my life if I had ended it.  Instead of mulling over about the past let’s think about the future.

Our kids are trained to think that suicide is heroism or for all failures suicide is an easy way out through the entertainment media; Let it be Movies, daily Sops, books or whatever media. The society tends to banish people who are involved in any scandal which forces them to assort to extreme measures. Our society is so image conscious that humanity and human values take the backseat.

A child who has not heard ‘No’ during his childhood will not be prepared to face rejection on growing up. Why do we mollycoddle our kids so much that they end up being delicate darlings. I wouldn’t say that I’m a perfect parent but among so many imperfections, I would not want to bring up my kids as so delicate that they give up on their life.

Instead of creating hartals that stagnate out life, conduct awareness programs. Instead of glorifying suicide as heroism, tell the kids that they were brilliant, had they fought a little more they would have been with us. Where does the word suicide come to our kid’s mind?

A lion would not think of committing suicide if it could not defeat a prey. It fights , fights and fights till it succeeds. If solution to failure or ailments is suicide Stephen Hawkins would not have been living in this world. Not all people get everything on a golden platter. Fight till you succeed and don’t give up on your life.

Cashless or Cash less

I am a PayPal account holder. Yesterday I got a mail which went like this


I clicked the link but it opened with a URL with a different domain. It wasn’t an HTTPS link. Hence I didn’t login but sent a mail to the PayPal people instead. I got a mail informing me that my account is perfect and the other mail was sent by some cyber frauds. The following is the body of the mail. I believe this holds true for all online wallets. Hence I share it here

Did you know that approximately 90% of all email sent worldwide falls
into the spoof, phishing, spam, and general junk category?  By
submitting reports of suspicious email to us you are helping to address
this problem.

To help you identify suspicious email, below are a few things that
PayPal will never do in an email communication:

1. Send an email to: “Undisclosed Recipients” or more than one email
2. Ask you to download a form or file to resolve an issue
3. Ask to verify an account using personal information such as name,
date of birth, driver license, or address
4. Ask to verify an account using bank account information such as bank
name, routing number, or PIN number
5. Ask to verify an account using credit card information such as credit
card number or type, expiration date, ATM PIN number, or CVV2 security
6. Ask you for your security question answers without displaying each
security question you created
7. Ask you to ship an item, pay a shipping fee, send a Western Union
Money Transfer, or provide a  tracking number before the payment
received is available in your transaction history

Any time you receive an email about activity to your PayPal account, the
safest way to confirm the validity is to login directly to the PayPal
website and review the relevant section. If you see suspicious activity,
you would do the following:

1. Open a new browser and type in “
2. Log in to your PayPal account.
3. Click “Activity” near the top of the page.
4. Click on the suspicious transaction to expand the details.
5. Click “Report this as unauthorized”
6. Complete the report process on the next screen.

It’s sophisticated to be cashless but make sure you won’t go cash less with a simple mistake. Share this to maximum people to prevent your friends from being cheated

Understanding the purple lines

Last week we had reached a pact on discussing about the UPT (Urine Pregnancy Test). Here I am with the new post. I had done the blunder of going to a Gyn as soon as I felt I have conceived. Thankfully I was. But, there have been cases when the whole family sets out for a hospital visit spree to come back disappointed. To avoid that predicament, do the UPT at home before running to a Gyn. Even if you are highly educated and well knowledgeable there can be instances when you misread your pregnancy test. It can be either due to ignorance, or lack of proper instructions in the kit or nervousness. A NEGATIVE UPT DOESN’T ALWAYS MEAN THAT YOU ARE NOT PREGNANT. For a first time mother, right from reading the test, everything is a dilemma. So first let’s  see how to analyse a UPT.


There have been cases when a single line is misunderstood for a positive result. Any urine sample would give a single line. It is the control band. To compare the test sign. So, if someone say that a single line is positive, tell them that even their sample would give a single line. If that single line is not there that means the whole kit is a waste of money and time. It is mentioned in the kit that you should take the first sample in the morning, you should not drink water etc. It hasn’t worked in my case. My first UPT was done in the evening and I also had a lot of water. But again it is always good to follow the instructions. There can be cases of feeble positive line. Feeble or strong, a second purple line means it is positive. But we should definitely consult a Gyn. The feeble line can either be an indication that Beta hCG is not yet produced or an indication of ectopic  (tubal)pregnancy.

Beta hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a hormone produced during pregnancy, the quantity of which is analysed during the pregnancy test. UPT will be positive only if beta hCG level is high. Sometimes, perhaps due to irregular periods or late conception, beta hCG level would not be sufficient to show in the UPT but a blood test might show a higher level. For my second pregnancy, I had four negative UPT and one negative blood test. But I had a motherly instinct that I hav3 conceived and did another UPT, which was feebly positive , followed by a blood test. This might be Thu reason why it is said that you should do the UPT about a week after missed periods. You can repeat after one more week if you didn’t have the periods.

That much for now.Time for the congrats and sweets. Next week we will see the problems during the first trimester. I again confirm that I am not a doctor.I am sharing my experiences as a mother of three children. Because sometimes, experiences help you more than theories.