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Busting The Myths About Vaginal Yeast Infection

Female intimate hygiene is a topic that has been discussed behind the doors. Women often find it difficult discuss it due to the fear of judgement. The issues related to intimate areas are numerous but the most common amongst these is vaginal yeast infection. Being conditioned to belive that vaginal infection is related to lack of intimate hygiene, the reluctance to discuss about this topic subdues the help at the right time. There are numerous myths realted to the topic as well. Today we shall discuss the most common myths related to vaginal yeast infection.

Myths about vaginal yeast infection

Vaginal Yeast Infection

Myth #1 Intimate washes prevent vaginal infection

It is widely believed that intimate washes prevent vaginal yeast infection. The reality is that they kills the good bactreria around your vulva and changes the natural pH which makes you more susceptile to vaginal infection.

Some experts even suggest using plain water to clean vaginal area. But if you are left with an unclean feeling, use only mild soaps.

Myth #2 Intimate infection is caused by lack of hygiene

Mostly yeast infection is proliferted in the bodies which sweat more. Moreover, if your vaginal area tends to hold more moisture, proliferation chances are more. In short, if your body is susceptible to infection, anything can be reason.

Myth #3 External vaginal itch creams cure vaginal infections

It is a belief that vaginal itch creams are the medicine to cure vaginal infection. The reality is that itch creams treat the symptoms, and relieve you of the itchiness. In order to cure the infection, tking proper medicine is imperative.

Myth #4 Vaginal yeast infection spreads through sexual intercourse

The most important informtion about yeast infection that you must keep in mind is that it is not infectious. It doesn’t spread through intervoucrse. Often doctors suggest you to refrain from intercourse because it could be painful for you.

Myth #5 Swimming cause vaginal yeast infection

If you have yeast infection in the vaginal area, you need not refrain from swimming. Swimming doean’s cause or spread this. As mentioned earlier, it is not an infectious disease. But you must make sure to dry the vaginal area properly to avoid retaining moisture.

Tips to avoid vaginal infection:

Iron your panties : If you feel that your vulva is always wet, you are susceptible to the yeast infection. Hence iron your panties to avoid any amount of moistire around vulva.

Dry your vulva after urination : Keep your vulva clean and dry after you pass urine.

Continue using the cream : Even if you are cured of vaginal infection, keep using the vaginal cream/gel because it prevents a relapse.

Get rid of the intimate wash : You no longer need the intimate wash to clean your intimate area. Use mild soap/water

Consult a dermatologist: Consulting a dermatologist is very important. This infection, if left intreated could cause further complication and even cancer.

Keep a toilet sanitizer handy: Most vaginal infections are spread through unhygienic public toilets. Hence always keep a toilet sanitizer handy or use Indian toilets as much as possible.

If you think that you have vaginal yeast infection, don’t be shy to speak up. Take help and be assured of your health.

21 thoughts on “Busting The Myths About Vaginal Yeast Infection”

  1. You come up with an important article where we need to discuss all these things openly with families and consult with doctors if needed…thanks for mentioning not to use vaginal wash, vagina is a queen organ who cleans automatically.


  2. Great post Rakhi. you have busted all myths about vaginal yeast infection wonderfully. yeas, many women think that using intimate wash is good for keeping vaginal infection away but these washes kill the useful bacteria of vaginal area and even disturb the Ph balance too. thanks for sharing this useful article.


  3. So far am blessed and not yet experienced the attack of this infection. I strongly believe the natural process cannot be managed with some external products like an intimate wash. Drinking enough water, eating quality food, and staying hygienically clean are some of the ways to stay away from such vaginal infections.


  4. That’s a great topic to discuss . You have truly busted some of my myths about vaginal yeast as well. Thanks for this article 👍


  5. This is a very important topic to be aware of. There should not be any carelessness when it comes to our hygiene. Knowing the way in which we can cure the infection is very important. Otherwise the myths stays in our mind.


  6. This is so informative and a great post, I am glad you shared and busted these myths even thanks for sharing the tips on how to maintain hygiene and stay safe from infection.


  7. Thank you for talking about this. This topic needs attention. Also, thank you for mentioning the myths. I myself have used intimate wash few years ago, but stopped it after reading about it and hearing it from doctors too.


  8. This is such an important and informative post. Thanks for bursting all the myths around vaginal infection. Your have written it so well with clarity. This needs awareness and your are doing great.


  9. This is a wonderful and quite helpful post. Women are most of the times not aware of the problems and symptoms. Happy that you shared the myths and solutions on vaginal infection.


  10. Thanks for this informative post about intimate hygiene. Just a question if you are suggesting use of mild soap for cleansing purpose then can intimate wash be not used as a substitute?


  11. Yes I always have a towel to wipe after I use the loo. I mean it may sound crazy but I have one for the kids too. I’ve also instructed them to keep their privates clean and dry.


  12. This was a very informative blog and learnt somethings I didn’t knwo before. One thing i strictly follow is carry a sanitizer spray when I travel or am out and about as I don’t like public toilets.


  13. A helpful post. a lot of women face this issue and there isnt enough information readily available, and you are right, there are so many myths and misinformation that exists even today. sharing this so more ladies can truly benefit from learning these truths.


  14. Thank you for sharing the detailed information about vaginal infection… A post were all we ladies should be aware of thank you for sharing the detailed post.


  15. First up, thank you for talking about something which still continues to be a taboo in this world to the point that most schools don’t find it necessary to talk about. I didn’t know this existed and I’m going to take proper care to ensure that I remain healthy, thanks to your blog post!


  16. I am glad you put this up…there are a lot of times we are concerned about vaginal hygiene but are ignorant about it..but this read was quite useful.


  17. This is really an eye opener to all the girls and women ,who are unaware of vaginal yeast infection.
    This clears all the wrong myths ,women have wrong perception about vaginal infection.
    Thankyou for sharing this.


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