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Why Should We Wakeup by The Right Side in the Morning?

In the last post, we saw the morning routine for holistic wellness. Now you know what to do after waking up but do you know how to wake up. Or, precisely speaking which side to wake up? You might know that it is the right side. But do you know why right side is considered ‘the right side’?

Which side to wake up in the morning and why?

It is advisable to wake up on the right side in the morning. This is because the right side is the most stable and hence probably considered right as per various religious beliefs or probably called right. Apart from these, there are several scientific reasons behind this belief.

Yoga beliefs

Wake up by the right side of the brain
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Yoga gurus strongly believe that the right side of the body emanates energy. The right side indicates sun in Hatha Yoga which in turn indicates strength and positive energy. Thus it is believed that waking up by the right side energizes your body.

The pingala nadi that corresponds to the sun’s power is situated on the right side of the body. Hence waking up through the right side of the body activates the Pingala Nadi and hence energises your body.

Pingala Nadi

Wake up by the right side of the brain - Pingala Nadi

Pingala Nadi is where our pranic energy originates from. Panic energy is the life force/prana. It is also called sun nadi because it represents solar energy. It passes through the seven chakras of our body. The free-flowing energy of the Pingala Nadi enables us to do physical exercise as it provides us immense energy. Hence waking up by the right side of the brain helps in the free flow of energy through the body as the Pingala Nadi is activated.

To know mmore, one should learn about panic energy and the chakras of the body.

In simple language, why should we wake up by the right side?

In simple language, it can be explained as there are two magnetic fields in our body. One that passes through the left and one through the right. The magnetic field that passes through the right side of the body helps In providing the energy.

In short, the explanations could be yogic, ayurvedic or scientific, it has been proven that waking up by the right side of the body provides you with energy in the morning that helps you in performing your daily activities effectively and energises your brain as well. For more updates, keep following us. You can stalk me at Instagram and Facebook. Next week when we meet we have lots to talk to, rakhi is coming up, friendship day alongside and breastfeeding awareness week is coming. So stay tuned for more.

15 thoughts on “Why Should We Wakeup by The Right Side in the Morning?”

  1. Wow Rakhi. That’s a wonderful topic and wonderfully presented article. I heard that we should wake up by the right side but didn’t know the reason behind it.

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  2. Your post has reminded me my mother in law’s advice. She is an avid yogi and firm believer of Ayurvedic life principles. She often advice us to woke up on right side of body . Today with your post, I learnt the real reason behind that philosophy.


  3. My dad always told us this and he always said about the reason why to sleep on either sides. I am happy that you have written this and shared the information.


  4. So glad you shared this. This is something I had always heard about but never understood the reason behind it. Looking forward to wake up on the right side.


  5. Rakhi, Well writing and nice information . I am really glad you shared that We should Wakeup by The Right Side in the Morning. I will gonna try it. Thank you for sharing.


  6. A few days back my son told me to wake up from the right side. Though I do that, then I haven’t noticed much. Your post has let me know the real definition of it. Thanks for sharing


  7. This sounds really interesting. I never thought this way. And never paid much attention. Thank you for this one. Would pay attention next time. Good one.


  8. Rakhi I am following this pattern of waking up for so many years and that too without knowing about its positive effects of it. Thanks for sharing such awesome info. I accidentally sleep at the right side of the bed so by default I wake up from that side only


  9. Very interesting article. An eye opener too! Waking up in the right side in the morning usually affects the rest of your day. So this is essential and a must!


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