Vitamin E – Our skin deep buddy

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Last week we saw the three basic steps of skin care. We saw the importance of using Sulphate and Paraben free products. Next we will see what are the components that are key in the skin care regime. While we can vouch on several vitamins and nutrients, Vitamin E and Vitamin C holds the top position. Today we will discuss my experience and a few points about vitamin E. For me, # Evion capsule is synonymous to vitamin E since I haven’t used any other vitamin E capsules yet.


My first experience with Vitamin E and specifically #Evion is post engagement. I was cramming my head as to what I should do to get the glowing complexion on my wedding day. It was my friend’s sister who suggested using Vitamin E.  What she suggested me was to cut open the capsule, mix it with olive oil and apply it all over the body before shower. Another was a hair care regime where in we can mix olive oil or coconut oil with vitamin E and apply to your hair before shower.

I tried it out for three months and trust me,on my wedding day, my skin was glowing! and my hair looked flawless. Post wedding, somehow this habit was inhibited and my relation with Vitamin E seemed brief, for the time being.

As you all know through my pregnancy posts, I got pregnant soon after marriage and was confined to bed. I was very troubled with the muscle cramps and since I was on strict bed rest, it was not possible for me to move my legs very fast or stand up. Those who might have gone through this turmoil can relate to this situation. That’s when I consulted my Gynecologist who in turn prescribed #Evion tablets per day. I was surprised and asked the doctor if #Evion or Vitamin E is for smooth skin. That’s when she took my class with a smiling face. It is a shameful fact that even after studying Biotechnology, I was unaware of this fact. What I learned from her and my education can be summarized below.

Apart from skin care, there are a lot of benefits of Vitamin E that we are unaware of. It balances cholesterol, fights free radicals, balances hormones, helps PMS syndrome, and helps build muscle cells. The fat soluble vitamin can be obtained from food items like sunflower seeds, almonds, hazelnuts, wheat germs, mango, avocado, tomato, kiwi, and spinach. It doesn’t mean that to make your skin look better, we should start gobbling these vegetables. We can incorporate these vegetables in your dishes, salads or even while you are having corn flakes. I used to make sure that these vegetables are included in my diet even when I was following strict weight loss diet. Even then, I try to include #Evion tablet on a thrice a week basis. Since it is a fat soluble vitamin I have my reservations on using it everyday but I take it thrice a week for sure because the food items might not provide the vitamin in the requisite amount.

I have been using Vitamin E containing skin care products like face wash, toner, moisturizer etc and if I cannot get it I mix vitamin E with my moisturizer just like how I did with olive oil.

Apart from this a unique tip that I am making use of is to add Vitamin E to the hair oil that I make at home. Here is the unique recipe that I have been using on my kid’s hair and that which provided my 6 year old daughter with flawless hair.

PS: I am planning to use this oil for myself as well.

Hair oil recipe:

Coconut oil: 250 ml

Pepper corn: 20-30

Basil Leaves: a hand ful

Aloe Vera gel : 1 Tea spoon( I use fresh aloe vera gel directly taken from the plant)

#Evion Capsule: 1 No. (cut open and the liquid is poured inside)

Heat the oil and put Pepper, basil leaves, aloe vera gel and vitamin E. The consistency of the basil leaves is the pointer to know if the oil is ready to use. Once the oil is ready the basil leaves would be crispy and becomes a powder on slight touch.

So that’s it for today. I hope you liked this post. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab your #Evion capsules from the nearest chemist and start following the skin care regime. Feel the difference and bask in glory.

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Bed rest and pre-term delivery

Hello mommies out there,

Don’t sulk and frown at me. I know I left everyone half way with the pregnancy posts. Some of the expecting mothers among you might have had their babies by now. But I was trapped with the three hellions. What I understood in the past one year is that if you have a child, it’s beautiful, endearing;if you have two kids then you are handful; if you have three kids you are in chaos. If you have four kids and more, may god bless you.

So, I had left the line of posts with the cervical encirclage. We saw the two main types of encirclages. Since I had my encirclage for the first baby in my seventh month, the uterus was already expanded and the stitch was towards the end. Hence it was more painful when compared to the rest of the cases. I was on complete bedrest for good two months.There can be difference of opinion regarding the bedrest. Pregnancy is a time when we get unsolicited advice, with a lot of tips. For my bedrest as well, I got too many advices. Why are you taking rest, that too with the foot end of the bed raised! So and so doctor wouldn’t have advised bedrest, for a healthy baby a mother should walk and work, you shouldn’t have travelled so much lest this wouldn’t have happened, this and that and there and then and what not.

My dear to be mommies, the first thing you should do on getting pregnant is to shut your brain to baseless advices. Just smile and nod and forget! I had to undergo encirclage because I had incompetent cervix not because i travelled in my car. I had to remain on bedrest because I have a unicorn uterus which is too weak to carry a baby. Now, how can I convince this to the aunties and chachis and bhabhis. So, i just smiled and nodded and forgot!

However, I spent two months on bed. After 33 weeks I started having pain in the pubic area like I had during the 27th week. The NST test didn’t show any contraction and hence doctor asked me to wait. I waited for one more week and after 34 weeks the pain was unbearable and doctor decided to remove the stitch lest it would break and asked me to come for a check up after four days. On the fourth day, we went for the check up. We reached the hospital at 5 o’clock in the evening. On doing the finger test, doctor said “I think I can feel baby’s head” and asked me to go to the labour room and started induction. My father went to take necessary clothes and my mother called my husband who was only a few kilometres away from the hospital. It was 6 o clock by then. Induction started and immediately I said “I have the pushing tendency.” Doctor asked me to wait for an hour Or two since child birth takes time. But I was unable to wait and kept on compelling the doctor to do something. Finally the doctor gave up and checked my cervix and I still remember her horrified face. She started screaming “OMG!Crowning has started. Shift her to the labour table.” The sisters literally swung me near the labour table and asked me to shift. With the baby’s head stuck in my vagina, I still don’t remember how I made myself shift from the bed to the table. Doctor asked me to push. One strong push and a filthy thing flew to doctors hands. I was angry that after so much why didn’t  my baby come first. In the ba`ckground I can hear the doctor yelling about suction. And suddenly I heard a shrieking sound from the filthy thing which happened to be my baby daughter and my delivery was done in twenty minutes. Offff I have goosebumps now.


The nurses, after cleaning her, wrapped her in a white towel and brought her to me. That was the most beautiful sight I have seen in my life. A little face with tiny dots in the place of eyes and a line instead of mouth and a prominent nose like a Pinocchio, just like their dad, to my dismay. This reminded me of the funny quote ” I carried you for nine months, I was in labour for fifteen hours, I couldn’t sleep properly for six months, and you came of looking like your dad.” In my case I can’t even tell that since none of my kids stayed inside my uterus for nine months and my daughter came out in twenty minutes. Nevertheless I have an edge over my sons since they put me in labour for 15 and 72 hours respectively.

I didn’t notice that doctor had applied local anaesthesia on my vaginal area and stitching the bruise that this little angel has caused. I slipped into a dreamy trance and slept.

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Three golden rules of skin care

Beauty and skin care is now a days a cake walk for women, all thanks to the cascading blogs and YouTube videos on beauty, makeup and skin care. We all know a lot about beauty and skincare but do we all know the basic steps into skincare. Every woman know that to get rid of the age lines we must use anti-ageing cream, to get rid of dark circles, we must use under-eye cream and so on and so forth. Notwithstanding the surge of information, there are still a lot of women or rather girls who are unaware of the three basic steps of skin care. Skincare does not just end up in washing your face and smearing the skin with creams. So, what are the three basic steps that have been repeated over and over again?


Cleansing does not necessarily be wiping off the epidermis with cleansing milk. Personally I don’t prefer using cleansing milk unless it is comprised of natural ingredients. A good mild face wash would do the purpose. The face wash should preferably be sulphate free. One Sulphate free face wash which I came across is Forest Essentials face wash but it is expensive and would not be an affordable one for everyone. As you can seen in the picture below, it is Rs.1075/- for a 200ml bottle.IMG-20180104-WA0017 Unfortunately I could not find any other Sulphate free face wash till now. Even the ones that come with the herbal label contains sulphate. If any of you could find one, do tell me in the comment section and I would update it with your name. While washing your face it is important to mildly massage your face in outward motion. It is important to use your finger tips and keep the pressure light lest it will provide adverse results.

Toning –

Toning is a deceptive step in daily skin care that most of us choose to skip. I tend to skip this step even now. Toning is an important step that should not be skipped since it helps in removing the remnants of oil and dirt that the cleanser has left behind. It is key to select a toner that does not contain alcohol. It balances the pH of your skin and helps to insulate the open pores. Rose water is a good toner. We can make it at home. A DIY of the same would be posted in the coming days.

Toner should neither be used like a cleanser nor like a moisturiser. It is important to know that a toner should not be rubbed into your skin. Take a cotton pad and dampen it with a toner and apply it to your face in a dabbing motion.



This step should be done right after face wash. Gently press your face with a towel to make sure that the face is free of water but still remains damp.


Moisturising is one step that majority of the women follow like a religious ritual. Most women complain about the moisturiser keeping your face sticky and oily. This is primarily because we skip the toning step. Another important step to keep in your mind is to use very little moisturiser.


Finding the right moisturiser for your face is important. The purpose of a moisturiser is to keep your skin hydrated and nourished. It is always preferable to avoid using the whitening creams available in the market. You skin might look glowing and fair on using such creams but on the long run these creams will damage your skin for good and cause irreversible damage to your skin.

So gear up from today onward, follow the three golden rules and see the difference.


Fashion, Makeup and Healthcare- New Beginning for the New Year

Hello my Scrutiny Mates. I have been on a brie hiatus from Scrutiny and have been focusing more on Outset, which again was going slow. This new year, my new resolution is to regularly update my both blogs notwithstanding the craziness all around with my four kids. The pregnancy and motherhood line will be updated soon. Along with that, I have been receiving endless requests to include  a line of posts about Makeup, Healthcare, Skincare, Weight loss etc etc. While I am not a certified trainer or doctor, I would be able to make use of my Biotechnology knowledge. Apart from that I would be doing my research on whatever posts I present before you. I hope I would be able to regular with my posts and expect to receive your support through like and comments. There would be product reviews in Outset and I would be sharing the same here as well.

So, How are you all planning to begin your new year? What are your new year resolutions? Wish you all a fabulous year ahead. Keep reading my blogs and keep supporting me.

What’s in store for our girls on this international girls day

The question is of course rhetorical. I do not want to hear reservation or empowerment for an answer. Because by now all these utopian ideas have proved to be a farce. All that we can offer our girls is martial art class, psychological awareness, a pepper spray and a lot of prejudice. Even after numerous social media awareness programs, talk shows and debates, we are still stuck in the body shaming, slut shaming and male chauvinistic era. Do you think all these happen only in social media ? Do you intend to say that it is the men who slut shame women? Then I have to ask you which universe do you live in. Open your eyes and look around. You can see numerous women, ladies,aunties, oldies and teenagers who pass on the sleaziest comments against women.

Recently I attended a family friend’s function. When I entered their home, the first reaction of the host to my husband was “Why don’t you make her wear some clothes”. I looked at myself. I was wearing a kurta and leggings . Apparently I was wondering if I forgot to wear my leggings . No, it was there. A lose leggings  that didn’t even go with the definition of the “leggings” we see these days. The kurta was a high neck one. So cleavage is not visible. So what did I miss? Aah yes, sleeve. I was wearing a sleeveless kurta and was shamelessly flaunting my arms. Flaunting your back, bust, abs, belly button and even pubic hair is allowed as long as you are wearing a saree but your legs and arms should never be exposed to the public. What are you saying!! It is against our cultural heritage.

I still don’t understand why she asked my husband why he didn’t make me wear some clothes instead of asking me why I didn’t wear something. Is he the one who put on clothes for me? Or is it because they think that I make my husband do my jobs? No, the answer is clear. The insinuation was that why my husband “allowed” me to wear a sleeveless dress. I must take permission from him before wearing this and he should not “give” permission to wear sleeveless.

This is one of the harmless instances that I mentioned but what with the more serious, shameless, brutal and culture less thoughts revolving in the likes of the lady whom I mentioned before. God forbid if someone rapes a girl or woman who was wearing sleeveless or short dress they would say that she deserved it or even she asked for it. So why do we get surprised when men give rape threat to a woman. If his mother thinks that a woman should be raped for wearing modern dress or western dress for that matter, what would you expect her son to do with a woman. Respect? Nay!!

We should teach our girls to stand up for themselves, we should teach our boys to respect women, but before that we adults should behave. A man need not respect a woman with such sleazy mentality. A man should only respect a woman who gives due respect to him without being submissive and dominating. Before teaching a boy or man to respect a woman, let women start respecting each other irrespective of their dress, financial status, cast, creed or nationality.

Another comment that pinched my self-worth was ” it would have been understandable if she was from a rich family ” . So tell me, what is the connection between money and a woman’s individuality or self respect. If you are a billionaire, you can wear anything,do anything and say anything? What do we teach our girls if we ourselves do know how to behave?

“Why does he do all this gossiping?  Is he a woman?” I would say asking this question is a crime. The same insinuate that women keep on gossiping and being woman is a degradation for a man.

This international girls day, let’s not give them anything. Let’s work towards developing ourselves and our mentality. Let’s stand for each other and then teach our girls to stand for themselves.



My blog is nominated in Indiblogger Awards

Hi All

Thanks for the unrelenting support being provided till date. I would like to share the latest happy news with my dear readers and followers. My blog, our blog Scrutiny is nominated in IndiBlogger awards for Parenting and Current Affairs category. Kindly Support me with your testimonials in the link shared below

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Men or women rights are the same

Off late, I haven’t been writing anything on atrocities towards women. However we write, these practices will not end because the psychopaths who find pleasure in a fellow being’s extreme pain cannot be changed with these posts or protests. I would say that the stigma of the society towards mental disorders is the main reason behind these acts because a normal person can never assort to such level of felony. Today my post is on the flip side of this issue.


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Past one year I have witnessed that several of my friends and relatives are subjected to unfair treatment by their wives. Some got divorced, some even annulled marriage and a minority still put up with this.
What would be the thought process in a girl’s mind if she asks for divorce on the fourth day of her wedding just because her cousins think that she could have gotten a better looking guy? Why did she marry in the first place? The guy was intelligent enough to annul the wedding at the earliest.
In another instance, a girl was seen marrying a guy as a stop gap arrangement before her lover got settled? Seriously? ?What about the guy who was fooled by this whole drama. If he reacts, he will have to face litigation citing 498/A. If he doesn’t react he will be tagged as a gay. Yes, it is the new trend to tag men who respect women as gay. Why? Gays are not human beings? Don’t they have integrity?

Well, that’s not the topic concern in this post. So, citing a third example, a guy who is an NRI got married and left for middle east leaving his wife in India. What follows next is a story of treachery, extra marital affair and debauchery. While heading for divorce, he was asked to give compensation to the woman who cheated him and robbed him in broad daylight. Succumbing to the blackmail that he would be charged of domestic violence if not concurring to the alimony, which in turn will affect his job and visa, he paid whatever was asked.

The most funniest and the most painful example is that of a guy who spent all his life’s savings to satisfy his wife whom he dated for years. When she left him she took whatever she could get from him and vanished into thin air. When he tried to contact her, what he could get was a plain denial and a demand that her advocate would be doing all verbal as well as legal correspondence.

Why does laws which empower women turn blind eye towards men? Why isn’t there a men’s commission? Why do rapists go scotfree whereas men who were cheated and subjected to injustice have to suffer? Why isn’t there a system to show some degree of discretion?

All this doesn’t point to the disintegration of our cultural heritage. It is a mind set that has developed from selfishness, arrogance and apathy, which is collectively named by the new generation as pragmatism.

Where does the deterioration begin? Does empowering women mean destroying a man’s life or does it mean that women should be apathetic towards men. There are chauvinistic rogues among men but does that give us reason enough to generalize everyone. Once I asked one my friends to obey her husband in a particular context. She took offence of my statement and said

“Obey? What do you mean by obey? I’m not a slave like you. We move as a team”. I was awestruck. Does obeying your spouse or partner make you their slaves? This applies to both genders. Obedience doesn’t mean imposing your rules on each other. It is just paying heed to each other’s suggestions.

One should not tolerate an abusive spouse but that doesn’t mean that you should set out on a non cooperation spree with everyone . Stop belittling your friends if they prioritize their spouse. Stop bullying your friends if they listen to their spouse because a relationship proceeds only through adjustments, sacrifices and understanding. There is nothing wrong in ‘obeying’ your spouse, provided, they reciprocate it and the demands are logical.

To all girls and boys out there, if you are not ready for a marriage, please don’t get married. If you are in a relation, don’t get married to another person just to come back to your old paramour. Please don’t play with another person’s life because you don’t have the right to do so. If someone is a simpleton, you don’t get the license to play with their feelings and life.