Do you believe these breastfeeding myths?

This is the #breastfeedingweek. We are all aware of the importance of breast feeding but have you ever thought about the authenticity of myths related to breastfeeding? MYTH 1- Breastfeeding mother should eat stomachfull of food It is a notion that is handed over through generations that the breastfeedinf mother should always eat full lest... Continue Reading →

What is the real awareness of breastfeeding that we should have?

Breast feeding awareness week is going on. Everyone is talking about the importance of breastfeeding and also breastfeeding in public. It is commendable that contrary to the past aversion in many women regarding breastfeeding connected to their own body and health, people are indeed showing interest in the topic. So what is the awareness that... Continue Reading →

Microblading- The rage in female beauty

Eyebrows are important in female beauty. Well done eyebrows make a woman look prettier. But many women are troubled with thin eyebrows and have to rely on expensive brow pencils on a daily basis. Needless to say the time invested for the same. Microblading Microblading is also called eyebrow tattoo. But it is not exactly... Continue Reading →

Nature Sure Jonk Shampoo – Review

If I have to be frank, I mush say that I am hearing about Jonk Shampoo for the first time. A shampoo made from leech is something unique and unheard of. Company Claim The claim of the comoany is that the shampoo removes dandruff, restores shine and prevents hair fall. The ingredients are amla, aloe... Continue Reading →

Berry Tree Boys Tees

I had shared the unboxing video of my boys Tees by Berry Tree. Yes the video that was never finished. Let's finally see the products and she's how it is. I had mentioned in my earlier blog post about the Organic Clothes by Berry Tree. Let's have a closer look. Appearance Berry tree sent me... Continue Reading →


Seizures are often a matter of worry for all mothers. Febrile seizures occur when the kid shave high fever. ie Body Temperature is way too high. While epileptic seizures need to be treated on a long term, febrile seizures are generally harmless but however we prepare ourselves for an episode, it feels like we are... Continue Reading →


Does the sight of a toilet seat repulse you? What about sitting on a public toilet where god knows how many have sat? This is every woman's touble ever. Long gone are the days when we stuff the seats with tissue or go in search of Indian Toilets. During the COVID-19 sanitizer is a household... Continue Reading →

Pre-Term Babies- What to expect?

I am not a pediatrecian. I am a mother of three pre-term babies who are 8, 6 and 4 now. That's my quualification and my experience is my reference journal. Having a pre-term baby is like rearing a volcano because we have no idea what to expect. We will be swarmed with advices keeping in... Continue Reading →

Clothing- A necessity or luxury #BerryTree

We are going through a tough phase right now. The Covid-19 situation is an unprecedented challenge that we have to face together. While staying at home is the best way possible, we cannot fully be confined to the houses as we have to support our families. So staying completely at home might not be a... Continue Reading →

Zumba- The exuberant workout regime

Zumba started gaining Indian interest around a decade back. Of late it is a rage. The adrenaline pump provided by the fast beat music, the stress release of dancing together, the incorporation of non-dancers and moreover the effect of weight loss made zumba a colourful workout regime. It is a repetitive workout form. Today we... Continue Reading →

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