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Everteen Intimate Wash- Review #MyFriendAlexa #Scrutiny

Intimate hygeine is the most important for everyone especially females. For years, female intimate hygeine had been associated with soaps, body washes and Dettol. It has not been so long since intimate wash came to the picture. Ever since, there have been a few brands and Everteen is one of the main product in the list.


The packaging is standard. It’s packed in a plastic bottle which is again packed in a thin cardboard box.


It has a sunny yellow colour and medium consistency. It runs down easlity and it is not slimy. It lathers well despite the absence of SLS.


Despite the absence of SLS, it lathers well. If you have any itching it in vaginal area, it helps on alleviating it. If you use, a Menstrual Cup, an intimate wash is a must as normal soap will change the pH. Otherwise also, using intimate wash during periods especially keeps your vaginal area clean and hygienic.

It’s mild on the skin. It doesn’t give any burning sensation or any discomfort. It doesn’t have any disturbing strong smell as well. The quantity of the product seems less but very little product is required and hence it might not be counted as a major drawback.


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37 thoughts on “Everteen Intimate Wash- Review #MyFriendAlexa #Scrutiny”

  1. great review and you had covered all points well. seems like great brand, will check this out for sure. #Surbhireads #Myfriendalexa


  2. Intimate wash has become one of the products every woman want in her drawer. I have been hearing quite a lt of Everteen these days.


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