Adenoiditis – Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

I have been asked time and again as to why I am not sharing my motherhood journey anymore. Frankly speaking, I was going through the worst writer’s block in my career as a blogger. Come what may, the writing was not giving me any satisfaction. That’s when I tried several tips and tricks to get over it. I have shared in my post how to overcome writer’s block in my blog Outset. So I am back, sharing my experiences, travails and predicaments as a unicorn mom and a mom of three with the latest post on adenoiditis.

Is your child suffering from adenoiditis?


My daughter, hardly slept more than half n hour a day. We even got her EEG checked because the child was not sleeping at all. But why? Slowly intermittent cold, allergy, tonsillitis and ear pain became a part of her life.

Symptoms of adenoiditis

That’s when I consulted an ENT physician. The instant he looked at her, he said that she has adenoiditis. The endoscopy was done and in no time her surgery was fixed. It happened so fast that I couldn’t wrap my head around.

Doc suggested a nasal spray for three months and scheduled fur surgery three months later to check of the nasal spray would work. No miracle was to be expected as her nose was 75 per cent blocked.

As with any other momma, my next step was GOOGLE MATA, who made me “an expert” in adenoid glands.

Whoa REVELATION! My second child snores like an adult. Time to get him checked because”ADENOIDITIS IS GENETIC” and he had the symptoms. As expected, his adenoids were also enlarged and blocked 90% of his nasal passage. My poor baby was suffering and I didn’t even know.

So, what to do in such situations? If it’s genetic why didn’t I have it? Or did I have it? Apparently, I used to have difficulties as a child. But never knew about Adenoids. Hence I had to push through with vaporising thinking that it is wheezing due to chest congestion. By the time I was 18 I cured automatically. If you wish ti wait, you can do so either. It might be cured by itself. But I dodnt want my kids to suffer. Hence I opted surgery.

Treatment options for adenoidectomy:

Treating adenoiditis

1. Medicines

As a first option, allopathic doctors prescribe antibiotics to treat the infection and reduce the size of the adenoid gland as much as possible.
Alternatives medicines like Ayurveda and homoeopathy can also be relied on.

For my kids, since I have been undergoing encirclage ( stitching the uterus) for all pregnancies and subsequent antibiotics and hormone infections, my kids never responded to alternative medicine.

2. Nasal Spray

If the blockage is less than 50% adenoiditis can be cured with nasal spray in most cases.  Unfortunately, mothers are unaware of the disease and the symptoms that despite being a mother of three even I took 7 years to consult an ENT. By the time, the adenoids would have grown beyond help. Hence I suggest you to consult a doctor if you doubt that your child has the symptoms.

3. Surgery

Adenoidectomy is technically a minor surgery but since my kids were small ( 7 and 5) it was equivalent to a major surgery. Right from giving anaesthesia to aftercare, it was a nightmare. Looking back I am startled how we could push through. My little one was at my place for a week – the longest I stayed away from since I got him back from NICU.

Sometimes doctor suggest removal of tonsils along with adenoids. For my son both glands were removed simultaneously. It is called adenoidotonsilectomy. It is way more painful for kids.

The surgery is performed orally. Hence there would not be a peripheral incision. Nonetheless, it is painful. My daughter recovered in a day or two as only her devoid was removed.


Recovery after adenoidectomy

1. Give them cold food.

Their throat would be extremely sensitive. Hence the food must be cold, non-spicy. You can give them fruit juice but citrus fruits are a big NO. Ice cream and yoghurt are the best choices. It was a gala time for my kids with numerous family pack ice creams. Within three days, the started rejecting ice cream.

2. Give them soft food

The food should be soft like jellos, oats etc.
Remember that the food is passing through a tract that has been scraped clean.

3. Keep gargling

Gargling would be painful and kids refuse to do it. But howsoever they resist or cry you should not let them skip the gargling part. It fastens the recovery and I can vouch for it.

4. Give them ample rest

Even though they are in pain, they tend to play around. Try to keep them occupied with board games or even gadgets because we should avoid sweating or even getting hurt.5. Continue nasal spray
The doctor would prescribe the nasal spray. You have to continue it for at least three months or as much as the doctor says.

Adenoidectomy is a minor surgery. It would be extremely painful for your child. But you can let them pass the phase with patience and presence of mind.

My two kids underwent it simultaneously. I had to be assertive with them. Sometimes they even said that I am the worst mother when I forced them to gargle. They would be in extreme pain while gargling. But remember that it is to avoid future pain and facilitate east recovery. Harden yourself and be assertive.

Most important: Adenoiditis caused by allergy can be cured with surgery but your child’s irritation towards the allergen won’t go. Don’t think that my child was not cured despite surgery. For allergy you have to treat to separately.


26 thoughts on “Adenoiditis – Causes, Symptoms And Treatment”

  1. This is the first time, I heard this term. I am sure, it would have been a tough time for you and your family. But good that you stayed strong and today, you shared all the knowledge you have about Adenoiditis. This is very hopeful for all of us. Thanks for that.

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  2. These things are really need to be published more and more..People mostly unknown about these things…These may happen with them too but they don’t understand that this is also a problem..thanks for pointing out this..keep sharing Dear

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  3. This is the first time I am hearing about this but I think this is so helpful because I know so many kids who have either some of the symptoms or all of the symptoms and no one actually realises that it could have a sweet reason which can be treated.

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  4. It must be harrowing for you as a mother to have both your kids have serious signs of adenoiditis. I never heard of this term before and am thankful for this information.

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  5. It is really informative and I really enjoyed reading it. Loved the way you shared this one. I never heard of this before , but definitely share with all the lovely ladies around me so that they can also learn and know about it. Great post, I loved it.

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  6. Adenoiditis is something new to me.. I have never heard of this before thanks for this insightful post as I know people who is suffering but not even aware of something like this exist. Thanks for all the remedies.. Will share the word.

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  7. I remember one of my cousin had done this surgery to clear the blockage in her nose. Though I was nt aware about the term and so many symptoms. This was very informative and something new u read.

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  8. I never heard of this term, probably as you mentioned most of us have passed it as a general allergy that can be cured by vaporizing etc. Glad you took this step and got kids under the right form of treatment. Hats off to you to sail through all this and also sharing about this with us.

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  9. We as a parent think many times, it’s simple cold and congestion but yes, you are right it’s a really tough situation. I have heard this as my cousin’s daughter went through this. Thanks that you shared it here.

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  10. It was very good to know that how caring you are as a you notice every slight thing in your children and know the value of consulting a doctor on time.!! God bless you❤️

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