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Care yourself

We have read numerous posts about caring your spouse, kids, parents, in-laws and grandparents. When it comes to care yourself we all fall short. It is like we think that caring yourself is a blasphemy. Why is it that we always feel guilty of taking care of ourselves. We have been conditioned to think that we should not be selfish, we should take care of everything and Everyone and then only care ourselves. Or else we would be less of a h kiuman being. We are conditioned so much so that we live our lives in a guilt trip. The term “guilty pleasure” is coined to reinforce this. Why should we feel guilty of our pleasure?

We have heard of a lot of sacrifices. Of a mother who sacrificed her job to take care of kids, of a father who sacrificed his pleasure so that his kids could have a better life, of a lover who sacrificed his/her family to be with the partner. What we conveniently forget is that in every sacrifice, there is one person who avails the perks without being guilty.

For once, why don’t you do something for yourself without being guilty? Without being judged? Try it today. Do something that you have always wanted to but was procrastinating in the name of sacrifice.

Do something for yourself doesn’t mean you set out to cheat on your spouse and say I am doing this for myself. Or dump your parents somewhere and say I tried doing something for myself. Doing something for yourself without hurting, cheating or using anyone.

Tell me how it feels

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