We all are slaves of our mind. It leads you through the paths that locks us from our happiness. Often we have a tendency to concentrate on what we don’t have than what we have. So, basically the issue is in our head. If we choose to cry on and feel self sympathetic about why people used you or treated you badly or made you look bad, you will forever life that life. Instead look at the big picture. I have written earlier about being stubborn about not letting anything affect you. I tried that myself and succeeded in it. So will you.

First you need to learn how to distract yourself when damaging thoughts start sprouting. The moment you learn to master your mind, the rest is easy. You can do several breathing exercises. Take a deep breath and release it slowly with a buzzing noise. The kind of calmness that it provides you is unimaginable. When you realise that your mind is calm, without any thoughts, tell yourself that you are peaceful. ” I am peaceful. I am happy. I am right. I am unaffected and I am liberated.”

The moment you feel it you will attain it. You can do this along with your spouse. It will create a connection between both of you and acts as a catalyst to your closeness. But make sure both of you do this wholeheartedly.

The feeling of liberation is unparallel. Once you attain it, nothing is impossible and nothing can affect it.

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